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MOG 231: Storci spa has adopted its Organisational, Management and Control


The Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 introduced into the Italian legal system the principle of the administrative liability of legal persons and entities for crimes committed by their senior management figures, by subordinate persons (employees and collaborators), by third parties when committed in the interest or for the benefit of the institution itself.

mog 231The legislator has expressly provided for the possibility for the Entity to be exempt from the aforementioned administrative liability in the sole hypothesis of exemption in which it has adopted an Organisational, Management and Control Model and a Supervisory Body with the condition that the aforementioned model is constantly verified, effective, updated and suitable for preventing the commission of relevant crimes.

The Model is a corporate management system that identifies the operating procedures that the company develops to reduce the risk that top management and subordinates commit crimes for the benefit or in the interest of the company.

Adopted by Confindustria, the adoption of an Organisational, Management and Control Model is a voluntary and discretionary act of the Company and represents a set of protocols and procedures which regulate and define the company structure and the management of its sensitive processes. The Model, if correctly applied, reduces the risk of committing criminal offences.

For a Model to be developed, adopted and updated effectively, an organization must:

With a view to continuous improvement of company processes, ever greater transparency in every operation and the adoption of virtuous behavior by all company subjects, since May 2022 Storci S.p.A. has adopted its Organisational, Management and Control entrusting the role of Supervisory Body to the lawyer, Mrs Maria Antonietta Iacobelli.

The company has therefore continued to adopt updated procedures which also respond to work efficiency, the safety of Storci products and the improvement of the working environment in terms of health and safety for all personnel.

The workers have been trained, informed and involved in this virtuous process which puts Storci at the forefront of the reference sector.