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The Company

Since 1991 we have been working in the pasta machinery sector, in the pursuit of technology and innovation, making sure that the right attention is always given to tradition. Our team consists of active and expert professionals, set in a lively and versatile organization, operating with a sole aim: Customers' satisfaction. Whether it be engineers, technologists, mechanics, designers, customer service... our staff always make sure that the possible Buyer can fully reach his goal. We guarantee expertise and a great cooperation. Although it is no longer a family-run business, due to the great growth of the past few years, the Company has been keeping up its original philosophy as its main feature, both towards its Partners, thanks to a successful cooperation, exchange of views and mutual trust, and especially towards its Customers. This attitude also applies to the people working in the Company and we continuously pay attention to training and refresher courses, because we are aware of the appreciation of each individual and of the positive outcome this has on the whole team.

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The key of our Work

Our attention towards the material used for our plants is unlimited: we look for very high quality only and precious, resilient products to guarantee the certainty of a result that represents the “made in Italy” food excellence. We can proudly confirm that we have contributed so that pasta can be regarded as the most famous and relished food in the world. For this reason, we select only reliable Partners, which guarantee high quality standard and share our organizational philosophy in the creation and development of mechanic and technological components in line with the times. When confronted with Customers, our passwords are directness and discretion: we like to listen to their production demands right to the end. Customization, flexibility and adaptability are our core activities enabling us to realise our machinery. Moreover, Customers will be able to appreciate the long life of our lines and the low need to continual maintenance works that weigh so much on production total costs. In case maintenance works are needed, they are carried out in a short time and by highly skilled staff, specialized in a prompt solution of problems related to the plant.

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