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Pasta shapes - Capitanio Camillo


Camillo Capitanio is a company which can boast a tradition longer than 145 years. Its origins date back to 1873 when Luigi Capitanio started a pasta manufacturing business in Bergamo along with accessories necessary for its production. Mr Camillo Capitanio has been managing the company since 1975 and is still going on with this historical reality. Its clientele is extremely heterogeneous and ranges from small laboratories to pasta and snacks leading companies, to producers of machinery and plants essential for this sector.


Pasta shapes - Landucci


Landucci was founded in Pistoia in 1924 by Sestilio Landucci, who, after working for some years in the pasta die manufacturing sector, decides to start his own business. Generations of the family followed one another during the years until the fourth generation, when new working centres were established, totally automated, able to satisfy the growing request of inserts and dies. The company has several patents, among them that one concerning the use of double-pressure technology for the washing-die systems and the use of vapour for the first washing-sticks machine in the world.


Pasta shapes - Niccolai


Niccolai Trafile is a Tuscan company that, since 1843, ha been uniting tradition to the continuous innovation of process and product, as requested by the global market. The story, started by the artisan Sestilio, founder of Niccolai Trafile, has been passing through all the dynamics and production updates for dies and penne cutting systems, washing-die systems and bow-tie machines.
To date the Company is located in the new factory in the S. Agostino industrial area in Pistoia with 48 employees. Its products are sold to both domestic and international markets.