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Storci has focused all its experience in creating couscous lines that can guarantee the best, that means a product whose granularity is consistent and soft at the same time and it has thoroughly been controlled. For this reason, the parts it consists of, have been made using the most precious and resilient materials available today. To make the difference is undoubtedly the attention to detail: there is a peculiar attention to recover the recycled product, the cooking is always perfect and guarantees homogeneity. Moreover, the results are guaranteed by our pre-mixer Premix®, the rotating self-cleaning sieve, a resilient and monobloc construction that guarantees not only the reduction of assembling costs but especially the excellence of our line. The product is totally surrounded by vapour and it is transported by the self-cleaning belt; the production of the granularity is controlled, avoiding the need for shredding again the lumpy parts.

Productions: 300, 500 and 700 kg/h

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The most homogeneous couscous. Guaranteed.


All the quality of the traditional world put into the industrial production


Couscous is a traditional genuine product, that requires great care to be produced according to the rules that make it a popular and healthy food. Thanks to our technologies you will get an amazing good and homogeneous couscous. An excellent product.




Couscous line in a nutshell

  • Preparation of the mixture by means of the patented system Premix®
    The best pre-mixer in the world: quality, no compromise. Read more
  • Original method of sifting
    No lumps wider than the diameter chosen. More info
  • Cooking phase meticulously looked after
    Thanks to our vapour injection system, homogeneous cooking is guaranteed
  • Performing drying
    Simple and balanced, thanks to the rotating item used. More info
  • Exceptional performance cooler
    Couscous temperature always adequate to the consecutive phases. More info


Find out all details in the Technology section ->



Couscous as you like


Thanks to our couscous line you can choose the grinds you like. Tailor-made and controlled grain size.

Controlled grain size

Reliability and resilience guarantee

5 years guarranty

We guarantee some main mechanic parts for five years. This proves how much reliable we believe our plants to be. We make lines working 24 hour a day for 7 days: we are aware of the importance of reliability for our Customers. In this production line you can find all this: from the choice of the best components, suppliers and partners, to worldwide after-sale assistance . 100% reliability means the comfort of the right choice






Icona Paste corte standard

Choose the couscous you want to produce


Couscous line can be set up according to your needs. Strong and precious machinery for an excellent couscous.

  1. 1Kneading group with rouleuse
  2. 2Cooker
  3. 3Product sifting and rotating unit and rotating dryer Romet 3
  4. 4Cooler
  5. 5Plansichter, recovery powder and product transport
  6. 6Final product storage silos
  7. 7Packaging


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