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Discover our pasta machinery for manufacturing different kinds of pasta. Here you can find a short description of the various pasta lines, divided for product. If you know what you are looking for, you can jump directly to the list of the lines you are interested in, using this quick-select menu. Choose your favourite type of pasta plant.



   Dry pasta lines

Our pasta production lines are currently used for spaghetti production as well as penne, paccheri, long tubular fusilli, conchiglioni, ziti, macaroni production and many other shapes. We recapture the culture of the tradition and adopt it using advanced technologies to maintain the original philosophy of slow processing and long drying times, so that to combine tradition with the most high-tech equipment in the world and modern, reliable control systems. Our pasta line can be completely automatic up to trolley filling, for both short- and long-cut pasta, while leaving to traditional drying in the static chamber the task of completing shaping.  However, nothing is left to chance and a personal computer controls all drying phases in order to obtain a constant quality. All this leads to a reduced need of manpower and to a final product as tradition dictates. Best pasta processing, best pasta plants. Go to our dry pasta lines →



Pasta fresca

  Fresh pasta lines

The production of fresh pasta is a process that many pasta equipment manufacturers consider fully-developed a long time ago. Storci Spa disagrees and is ready to accept new challenges offered by the market: fresh pasta is just one of them. Our fresh pasta production machines prove the point. A market that is constantly growing ad increasingly demanding expertise and knowledge in the plant engineering sector. Pasta manufacturers require, for theirs pasta plants, a technology that can guarantee the excellent quality of the product but, most importantly, its safety for the consumers.   Go to our fresh pasta lines →




  Couscous lines

Couscous is a natural product connected with an ancient tradition. Its preparation and cooking require care and skill, following specific rules which make it a healthy and enjoyable food. For this reason we have dedicated all our experience to the creation of a couscous line and equipment capable of obtaining the very best at each stage of the processing. The various machines making up the couscous line are built with the most valuable and resilient materials now available on the market. We have transferred all our technical know-how into this sector. The technology adopted strictly and scientifically adheres to the rules of the couscous tradition. Go to our couscous lines →



piatti pronti

  Ready meals lines

Storci S.p.A. has further expanded the range of products offered such as engineering, technologies and pasta production lines, positioning itself as a partner for the customers who want to start or expand the production of pasta-based convenience food. Thanks to the Storci/BS Network pasta processing, we can offer, with our pasta plants, for the production of lasagne and cannelloni, the opportunity to choose between semiautomatic or automatic lines with different production capacities (all lines offer user-friendly control, top level automatisms, easy cleaning and servicing, vacuum technology): from 600 trays/hour, up to approximately 4,500 kg/h. On the other hand, for those interested in ready meals made of filled, short- and long-cut pasta, the multiproduct line is the answer, offering a large selection of pasta shapes as spaghetti, space-saving cooking and production capacity, maximum simplicity in terms of use and cleaning. The multiproduct line has a production capacity ranging from 600 to 5,000 trays/hour and, when necessary, products such as dry pasta, meat, rice, fish and vegetables can also be cooked. Go to our ready meals lines →



pasta secca senza glutine

  Dry gluten free pasta lines

Is it possible to make good dry pasta without durum wheat semolina? Sure! The consumer dedicates much more time in choosing these products than in choosing traditional pasta, so top quality is the indispensable key to success. Why producing this kind of pasta production lines? To guarantee growing market shares. Traditional systems produce dough mixes that are not very uniform and not of excellent quality. Additionally, they are complex and hence difficult to clean as well as being energy consuming. The difference? The Storci No-Glut pasta production lines are a concentration of experience and innovation with long-lasting guaranteed quality. Thanks to the new dough gelatinization system, it is possible to produce appetizing, high quality products for consumers requiring gluten-free pasta or for those who periodically like to choose alternative and healthy products. Advantages? Homogeneity in the pasta processing, high energy efficiency, control of the gelatinization level, easy cleaning. Choose the best pasta manufacturing, choose Storci pasta plants! Read more →



paste fresche senza glutine

  Fresh gluten free pasta lines

Tortellini, ravioli, tagliatelle, orecchiette fresh and gluten-free? Why deprive gluten intolerant consumers of our traditional pasta dishes? Storci No-Glut pasta production lines responds to the requirements of customers who wish to produce high quality fresh pasta, making them happy and enthusiast to serve delicious pasta dishes. We guarantee, with our pasta machinery and pasta plants, the maximum quality of the dough mixes thanks to the patented gelatinization system for flour and starch varieties without gluten, such as for example maize, rice, potato flour and various starches. The product may be sold fresh or frozen, and during cooking that firmness to the bite so much appreciated by Italians must be guaranteed. This is why we are offering state-of-the-art systems, which produce homogenous dough mixes, well-formed shapes and latest generation heat treatments: high energy efficiency, long-lasting quality, uniform starch gelatinization and easy cleaning are the advantages you can expect. Read more →



instant pasta

  Instant pasta lines

New markets? New technologies? Waste no time... Storci presents its new lines for instant pasta production, designed to competitively and successfully meet the very latest food trends. Versatile and customizable, they can make different types of instant pasta, creating a valid and quality alternative to instant Asian noodles. Ease of cleaning, flexibility.... discover all the benefits these pasta plants offer. A handy and versatile ready meal option with excellent profit margins. Discover Instant Pasta and how to produce it →