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Storcicom is our magazine, an instrument to tell you about ourselves with no limits and obligations, a mean of communication to draw attention and show our true image. An easy way to get to know our production, our technology and know-how. Find out all the news and download all our editions for more in-depth information.


Latest issue

Storci magazine: Storcicom XXV

Fava Storci Mag XXV

Number 25 of our house organ is special: it is dedicated to the merger of Storci S.p.A. and Fava S.p.A. In fact, since October 1, 2023, the merger of the two companies has become operational in a new reality that incorporates the business areas of the two previous brands into an entity more suitable to compete on both the national and global markets.Strengthened by these important changes, the two companies are preparing, together, to face together the challenges of the future, thanks to a complete range of products specific for every need and size, from niche producers to large industrial pasta factories.Discover all the services offered, from R&D to customer assistance, from laboratories to technological innovations. On page 3, the usual space dedicated to those who have chosen our technology is back: in this issue, we will be talking of Antonelli Roma since 1987, a dynamic and modern company, which has never given in to compromises to the detriment of the quality of its pasta.

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Previous editions

Storci Magazine: Storcicom 24

Storcicom XXIV

In the XXIV issue, we are talking about egg dosing systems: the importance of adopting an innovative and reliable system. Find out all the advantages!
For the testimonial section, the attention is focussed on Donna Itriya pasta factory, a Sicilian company coming from the impulse of a close-knit group of entrepreneurs and professionals of the Sicilian panorama who have in common a sincere passion for their territory.
The next stop is Germany to discover a family-run company Eier Geiger GBR, that has recently added pasta production to their main poultry activity. Read the interview with the owner, Mr Geiger.
On the middle pages and page 8, you will find an in-depth analysis of our rotary cookers and coolers, versatile and innovative for the world of R2E, and the recovery scraps systems: never as today it is essential to recover the scraps to avoid waste. An investment that pays off.

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 23

Storcicom XXIII

In the XXIII issue of our journal Storcicom, the focus is on IoT: more than just a service, it is a real technological and strategic support that our company offers to pasta factories to face the challenges that the future has in store. We will also talk of Mancini Pastificio Agricolo, a longstanding customer who, once again, picked us for the purchase of another dry pasta line. Let's go to Tajikistan thus, to find out which prominent company chose us for its debut as a dry pasta manufacturer.
On pages 2 and 8, you can find two inviting insights: Storci/Europromec, a winning combination in the automation of dry pasta machinery; quadrucci forming machine by Storci, a versatile and innovative system for the production of an unusual but highly requested shape.

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 22

Storcicom XXII

In this issue of our journal, our Customers in the spotlight, as usual: Pastificio Fiordimonte, the pasta factory that does not need to be presented, is in the foreground along with Pangram, innovation and technology by Storci at the service of an important romanian Company.
Moreover: instant pasta, tasty and sustainable, read the in-depth analysis... do not miss the interview at page 8: you have a farm and you want to open a pasta factory? We tell you how! Till our next issue, Storcicom 23!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 21

Storcicom XXI

In Storcicom 21, focus on our Labs: discover the meaning of “Pasta into practice” In the center spread, Davide Bedodi, Storci R&D, tells us about the department he manages: activities, goals, strategies.
In this issue, special interviews to Antico Pastificio Lucano, a standout in Basilicata region, and to the Lithuanian pasta factory UAB LAŠU DUONA, that told us about their decision to invest in buckwheat pasta production.On page 2, Find out how to manufacture dry pasta thanks to our machinery…and our services.It’s not all, however.. read also all the other articles, don’t miss any news.

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 20

Storcicom XX

This year we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our Company and we have the pleasure to publish the interview to our CEO, Michele Storci, telling us about his thoughts and emotions….as we have reached, now, this important milestone. We have dedicated the central pages to what we regard as the heart of our Company: our Production Department. Some of our collaborators have told us about what it does mean for them working in Storci. The Italian testimonial is an interesting Company in the Province of Salerno, whereas at page 7, you can find again an old acquaintance of ours, a Sri Lankan Company that has chosen us again for its pasta production: this makes us so proud. Read all the pages!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 19

Storcicom XIX

Two international testimonials in the spotlight in this Storcicom issue: Mypasta Ltd and Zippy Edible Products Pvt Ltd: the former told us about the reasons for choosing an Omnia line for its pasta production; the latter, instead, described all the advantages of instant pasta production. Moreover, focus on our ravioli forming machine, with a cutting-edge, patented, dosing system…find out about all its features. Central pages dedicated to our dry pasta lines…. And last, but not least, all the news about teleservice evolution. But we do not want to disclose anything else, download the pdf and…as usual, enjoy it!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 18

Storcicom XVIII

We will remember feeling emotional the XVIII edition of our journal, considering the period it has been made. For this reason, we would like to thank all the people who believed in this project and allowed its creation. In this edition we have featured Pastificio Ducato D’Amalfi Gragnano, an excellency combining tradition and technology innovation, with a unique formula. We have then shifted the attention to Turkey, to interview Mrs Gulcin Arslan Hazar, Deputy Director-General of Arbella Makarna, who told us why they chose Storci as partner for their excellent pasta, renown and exported throughout the world. Middle page dedicated to Pasta di Canossa, the pasta Factory that is also the headquarter of our Training Center, now presenting a very interesting news, that we encourage you to read… The back cover this time is very special, but we will leave it to you without adding any extra information… Awaiting the 19th edition…

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 17

Storcicom XVII

In this issue of our journal, our Customers in the spotlight, as usual:  Cavalieri, the Apulian pasta Factory that does not need to be presented, is in the foreground along with Nikkoku Seifun Corp, innovation and technology by Storci at the service of an important Japanese Company.
Moreover: the main page is dedicated to dough sheet cookers, read the in-depth analysis….do not miss the interview at page 8: interesting updates concerning Egypt and its pasta market! Till our next issue, Storcicom 18!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 16

Storcicom XVI

In our XVI issue, top story: our new Omnia 1200/1000, an extra development of the line to meet all the needs...Scrap recovery system: how to smartly re-use trimmings. Tortellini shaping machines: innovative solutions for fresh pasta, even gluten-free. Moreover: this edition highlights two of our Italian Customers, from Sicity to Gragnano (Naples), read all our interviews. Do not miss the latest news about WIPPA, Instant Pasta Makers Association: preview information and the story of its birth.

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 15

Storcicom XV

The XV edition highlights ready meals and new trends, lasagna-cannelloni and multi-product process lines, customized plants for any needs. We are going on with our President’s biography…get a sneak peek of an extract while waiting for its publication. Moreover: Pastificio Mancini and P.M. Mohamedali & Co., from Marche to Sri Lanka, they tell us how come they choose our technology. Don’t miss the news about high temperature and pasta world trends…. Enjoy it!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 14

Storcicom XIV

XIV Storcicom edition: featuring international markets  and focusing on Midlle East,  prospects and potentialities of this market. Read the interview to Michele Storci. Moreover: attention drawn to some Italian Customers. Find out which one! Drying chambers news and an article about Pasta Museum... we won't tell you anthing else, download the last edition!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 13

Storcicom XIII

Two editions in one this year!
In the XIIIth edition, still focus on our Customers: the same attention and care are given to pasta factories needs, either in Italy and abroad.
Furthermore, featuring Training Center and so many information about our dough cooker…download the pdf and …enjoy!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 12

Storcicom XII

Leaf through it, find out all the topics….from our Customers to the Training Center along with its activities, to our President’s biography, currently being edited by Giancarlo Gonizzi. And much more to come…

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 11

Storcicom XI

New layout and graphic: Storcicom refreshes its look! Focus on our Italian and foreign Customers, that have always been our strength! In this edition we are also featuring an interesting article about Omnia line, the latest news from the Training Centre, and…. that’s all, we won’t let anything else out! Open the pdf to read the news!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 10

Storcicom X

A global pasta market survey. The challenge of the new millennium will be the supply of ready-to-cook, tasty and healthy meals. In this edition we are going to disclose all the potentialities of instant pasta, that can be produced by our new lines! For more information: www.instantpasta.info

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alt text

Storcicom IX

Top stories: instant pasta and gluten-free lines. Our Customers: Pastificio dei Campi and Sarl Mis Moulin Industriel de Sebaou. Would you like to produce ready-to-eat lasagne? Our line is the answer! Furthermore: read our section: “A chat with…” find out who answered our questions!

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storci magazine: Storcicom 08

Storcicom VIII

All the advantages of our turnkey solutions! Complete and personalized solutions to meet all your needs. In the section dedicated to our Customers: Pastificio Fabbri and Sarl Moulin Bouguerra. Read about our winning duo with BS Company in Parma: ready meals to the highest standard!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 07

Storcicom VII

Energy saving in the pursuit of ethics and sustainability: this is the fil rouge that guides our Storcicom VII. Read how to save energy, thanks to our Beltmix, and, in the meantime, how to produce a pasta of better quality! In this issue you can also find interesting information about our Customer Service, the WD presses and other topics, not just about the world of pasta!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 06

Storcicom VI

2012: an important year full of news! Our Customer: Pastai Gragnanesi “Why we chose Storci”. Couscous line: the best seller in the Maghreb area…. the advantages of a line produced using valuable and long-lasting materials! In the section “A chat with…” Giovanni Strinati tells us the reason of this success. And there’s more to come…

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 05

Storcicom V

We are celebrating 20 years of activity! An important goal achieved by our Company, twenty years of passion and innovation in the world of pasta machinery! We look back on our origins, the duo with Fava and what has been achieved so far…. Moreover: Massimo Mancini tells us of his production using our Omnia line; our machinery: focus on the STF sheeter…read more!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 04

Storcicom III

An overview of our machines for all productions: dry and fresh pasta, couscous…. modern machinery keeping a watchful eye on tradition. RECs: recovery scraps units that enable you not to throw away the scraps of your pasta production… because nowadays recovering the raw material is a must! “We love orecchiette!”: Storci lines for regional fresh and dry pasta production!

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 02

Storcicom II

The new Research & Development Centre has been inaugurated: a step forward for Storci aiming to fully meet the needs of its Customers. We are at Customers’ disposal for testing new machines and products, always assisted by our qualified personnel. Omnia: multiformat and compact line, the right answer for those who would like to produce a wide range of pasta shapes.

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Storci Magazine: Storcicom 01

Storcicom I

Here we are! Our magazine is finally out! At a yearly rate, lots of information and news about our Company and our machinery. Don’t miss a single issue… it is available in several languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish… read the first edition

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