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Casa del Tortellino


La Casa del Tortellino
A unique synergy with Storci


Casa del Tortellino is an interesting family-run pasta factory in Angri (Salerno) whose main goal is that one to obtain an excellent product within everyone’s reach. The search for the flavours of the past along with the awareness that Nature must be treated with respect, have led the Company to choose a production process such to allow a more delicate and slower kneading, nearer to the old tradition.
Gioacchino Orlando
, owner along with his brother Gianluca and his Mum Lucia, tells us everything about it.

1- La Casa del Tortellino Casa del Tortellino is an artisanal factory that has been manufacturing pasta since 1992, with “passion and pure love“ for pasta. How did all this start?
Everything started thanks to my father Carmine, who, thirty years ago, laid the foundation for what has now become our pasta factory. He had few economic means at his disposal, he took on this adventure buying some small machines for fresh pasta. He has basically self-created our Company and today we have come to be well known, especially in the region of Campania.
The pairing with Storci and the subsequent purchase of a dry pasta line has been a turning point and we can reach also foreign markets now, for both dry and fresh pasta. Today, all our family is working in the factory.

2- What were your needs for your Company ? Why did you choose us?
We got to know you two years ago and you immediately trusted us, although we were little producers. It’s still fresh in my mind when your sales manager Giovanni Strinati came to visit us along with your technician Marco who, glancing around at our space, still under renovation, and looking a little bit worried, had said: “Do we really have to install a pasta factory here?” And I had answered: “Yes!” smiling. From that very moment, our project took off.  We literally dealt with every detail, the adptation of the machines was „extreme“, considering the small dimensions of our pasta factory. 
Still today, switching on the machines every day evokes the same feeling of priceless satisfaction


3 - Which are the features of Storci machines that you have mostly appreciated?

Choosing Storci has been like going to a “pasta-factories tailor”. In my opinion, the distinctiveness of Storci is this one, the ability to find a customized solution for any need. Moreover, what I appreciate very much is your reliability, especially during the after-sale service. Yours is a Company whose job does not finish only with the project and construction, but it moves forward interacting with Customers, supplying modern tools. Thanks to Storci line, it has been possible handling also ancient grains. Ancient grain must combine with innovation, it must take the goodness of innovation to grow, with respect to traditions. All this is possible, because we can knead in a slower way and decide the speed of extrusion of the product. You cannot do it with other plants.
I cannot forget the mention, the static dryers that allow us to set the correct drying temperatures, even in case of laborious recipes.


4- Where is your passion for pasta taking you to in the future? Have you got a particular project in the pipeline or a dream to actualize?

We are following the Slow-Food philosophy: Good, Right and Clean. Our project that is also our dream is to create a totally green production plant to get a green product, a photovoltaic system with solar and thermal panels to feed Storci’s line and dryers. This will be possible thanks to Storci’s technology.