Compression screw

The compression stage is one of the most important technological stages in determining the end quality of the pasta. Minimizing the increase in temperature during the compression stage is fundamental for ensuring excellent firmness of the pasta during cooking.
The compression unit is made up of one or more worm screws and one or more grooved cylinders. We have been working on the profile of worm screws and the effect this can have on dough quality for almost 30 years. In fact, our latest-generation worm screws incorporate a high performance profile and a conical core in the compression zone which make it possible to reduce the temperature of the dough, keeping the gluten quality high which consequently increases firmness of the pasta during cooking.



Key features


  • Built from tempered, mirror finish stainless steel with excellent surface smoothness
  • High-performance profile for better pasta quality in the compression stage
  • Higher production and lower energy consumption



Compression screw open

Thirthy years experience at your disposal


  • Our screws guarantee higher production as, based on an equal number of revolutions, productivity can be increased by up to 15% compared to worm screws with a standard profile.
  • Our worm screws permit lower energy consumption as the increase in electrical energy absorption is only 1/3 in relation to the increase in production

Braibanti's equipment



The high level of technology incorporated into Storci worm screws and cylinders has also been applied to Braibanti compression units, improving efficiency compared to the original components.
We have worked with Braibanti systems for over thirty years and we can supply all spare parts without difficulty; all we need to know is the name of your machine and the year in which it was built.
We have acquired a cognitive map and consequently a far-reaching understanding of these machines acquired over the years; all this makes it possible for us to make high level technological improvements whenever necessary and state that the name Braibanti remains (also thanks to us) a synonym of indestructibility.




Technical sheets
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