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Cooker with rods


Cookers CCT series are the best solution for continuously cooking the dough in ready-meals lines. They guarantee uniformity of cooking, attention to transport operation and in-out phases of the product. These cookers are suitable for treating any dough dimensions and enable several cooking times.



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Key features


  • Moving rods system

  • Cooking basin totally accessible for an easy cleaning

  • Preventing damages caused by the starches produced during cooking

  • Optimization of the heat exchange

  • No side skidding of the dough


Main technical features







Cooker with rods




Excellent dough cooking

  • Stainless steel parts suitable for food contact.

  • The moving higher rods are inclined instead of transverse and keep the dough under the cooking water, avoiding friction damages: they can be easily lifted for cleaning.

  • Heating water system by heat exchanging single plates, placed in the lower panel of the basin: it is thus guaranteed a high level of thermal exchange.

  • Equipped with steam injection system with several inlets to avoid water condensation in the hard-to-reach parts of the cooker.

  • The cooking water level reaches the higher edge and brims over, enabling a regular discharge of the cooking starches on the surface along the whole perimeter of the cooker.

  • Stainless steel dividers to separate the entry of the cooking basin and prevent any steam leaks in the production area.

  • No need of a sanitary filter of the steam since the last one does not get in contact with the process water.


More in-depth

Brochure Instant Pasta

Cutting-Edge Technology for the Best Dough Sheet

This article, appeared on Storcicom XVII, explains the technical details and the advantages of the cookers CCT series.

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Cooker with rods



Technical sheets
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