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Dosatore DVS 50

Manual or automatic feed volumetric vacuum pump specifically designed to dose standard volumes of cooked pasta on ready meal lines. Also suitable for dosing pasta and rice salads, diced ham and bacon and other products in pieces.



Key features


  • Ideal for ready meal lines
  • Doses pasta, rice, paella, salads, vegetables, pulses, meat, shrimps, diced ham or bacon, etc.
  • For hot and cold fill
  • Quick, tool-free disassembly of all parts so cleaning couldn’t be easier
  • Recipes can be called up and controlled from the Operator Panel

Feed and operating principle



Feed and operating principle

Manual and automatic feed
Manual: controlled by the operator thanks to a handy tray-type hopper installed at the top of the dosing unit. Automatic feed*: managed by a 100-litre capacity hopper loaded thanks to a dosing unit by means of an inverter-controlled worm screw or conveyor belt designed to guarantee automatic and continuous production. The automatic hopper is controlled by an inverter and two photocells which constantly monitor the level in the loading area. (*: optional).

Operating principle
The loaded material is conveyed into a telescope, keeping the level in the head of the machine constant. The improved dosing precision in the volumetric chamber is achieved by the negative pressure created by the on-board vacuum pump with integrated air tank.


Main technical features

  • Special application for filled pasta, reduces breaking in large pasta shapes
  • Designed to handle products of any basic weight
  • Production capacity: 25-30 trays/minute, (each weighing 200 - 500 grams.)
  • Manual loading of the standard hopper, with automatic loading (on request) by means of a 100-litre capacity buffer hopper with product loading performed by a swan neck conveyor or worm screw
  • Quick size changeover thanks to the interchanging telescopes;
  • Construction materials: AISI 304 (AISI 316 on request) and/or other parts in food-safe materials
  • Quick, tool-free disassembly of all parts
  • Structure fitted with swivel castors to facilitate movement during the washing stage and adjustable feet to guarantee stability in the operating phase
  • Tubular sections welded at 45° (diamond shape) to promote washing water run-off for improved sanitization

Production table

PRODUCTS (kg/h) pasta, rice, pulses, etc.
PERFORMANCE (trays/min) 25-30 (200-250 gr)




Storci - BS

Thanks to our recent collaboration with the BS company from Parma, we have been able to create innovative and creative solutions (ready-to-eat lines) for preparing ready-to-eat lasagna and cannelloni. For over 30 years, BS has been working with expertise and reliability in the most important ready meals, fast foods, ice-cream and confectionary markets. These are added value products designed to help you make profits and we are here to offer you the best personalized solution and best ready-to-eat lines.



Technical sheets
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