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The Premix® centrifugal pre-kneader has made the process of hydrating flour, traditionally performed by paddles inside the kneading tank, obsolete. Thanks to the innovative system for dosing dry and liquid ingredients, it makes it possible to produce different kinds of pre-kneaded dough in an automatic, flexible and continuous way. Specifically conceived for the sectors of dry and fresh pasta, couscous, gnocchi, bakery products, it can be installed on all kneading tanks, presses and dough sheeters. The main characteristics of the Premix® centrifugal pre-kneader are: ease of use, perfect flour hydration, no heating of the product, low energy consumption, high productivity and easy accessibility and cleaning. The result, in just a few simple words? Revolutionary dough making.



Key features


  • Patented pre-kneading unit to guarantee perfect hydration of ingredients
  • Constant dough quality over time: greater manageability of extruders and sheeters and improved shaping machine performance
  • Less personnel required for dough preparation with subsequent greater efficiency in other more complex departments
  • Low energy consumption and high productivity
  • Compact and easy-to-use

Main technical features


Application Premix on Beltmix

The best dough mixing unit in the world


  • Patented Premix® system for pre-kneading raw materials, complete with volumetric flour doser and electronic doser for liquid ingredients
  • Production of large quantities of dough with extremely low energy consumption and with no heating of the raw materials required
  • Ideal for installation on tanks with or without vacuum and on Beltmix (see picture on the left)
  • The PLC allows the user to store a high number of recipes which are easy to modify. The other units can be adjusted more quickly and efficiently (for example different sheets for filled pasta or for long pasta)





  • Easy accessibility and cleaning
  • The flour is uniformly hydrated regardless of grain size
  • No product heat-up
  • Low energy consumption and high productivity: 1.000 kg/h of dough with 1 kW/h, in other words approximately 1 watt for each kilo of dough produced
  • Compact and easy-to-use



Beware of imitations

Beware of imitations

Do not be taken in by attempts to imitate the Premix®. Test its efficiency and authenticity for yourself. Our test facilities are always available, without obligation, to demonstrate how the Premix® functions, including using the customer’s own ingredients and recipes.




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