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Pressa V90-250G

The press V90.250G represents a solution particularly suitable for the small-medium pasta factories that need a high flexibility for the usage of different raw materials and the production of several pasta shapes.



Key features


  • Production capacity: 150-350 kg/h in extrusion, depending on the pasta shape
  • Structure and kneading basins made of Aisi 304 stainless steel
  • Double kneading basin with continuous welding and independent motorization

Main technical features



Press V90-250 G


Suitable for small and medium pasta factories


  • High mechanical reliability even when used for several daily shifts
  • Maximum safety for the operator
  • kneading basins capacity: 65 kg each basin
  • automatic dough unloading from the upper basin into the lower one, without overturning the upper basin, with safety lids closed
  • kneading paddles made of Aisi 304 micro-fusion steel, mirror polished
  • Thrust bearing unit with a great loading capacity
  • Special tempered stainless steel extrusion screw, rectified and mirror polished
  • Inverter to change the rotation speed of the extrusion screw
  • Extrusion cylinder with stainless steel cooling jacket
  • Closed cooling circuit with chiller
  • Holding-die ring hinged to the extrusion cylinder to ease the die changing operation
  • Short pasta cutting group with inverter and cutting knives
  • Fan for short pasta cutting, fixed onto pasta cutting crankcase
  • Possible automation to function with no operator
  • Is used for the production of Avellino fusillo or “busiata”, typical shapes of the traditional manufacturing of Campania and Sicilia.





  • The press can be automated if equipped with automatic systems of semolina, water and/or egg supplying, for a functioning with no continuous presence of an operator.


Technical sheets
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