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Short pasta line


You can set up your short pasta line according to your specific needs. Optional components are available to make this line a reliable and versatile machine.


Total Vacuum ideal mate: the Beltmix



Beltmix is a patented dough mixing system that represents an important technological innovation for dry and fresh pasta, egg mixtures or with additives. Technology and sustainability, thanks to a low energy consumption. Together with Premix® , it takes the place of the traditional kneading basins with shafts.


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Temperature constant control for a guaranteed origin product

The temperature control

The temperature control is a system that lets you constantly check the temperature of the cylinder and the press head. All this guarantees an optimum start of your pasta production, with a shorter duration than that one of the systems with no temperature control. 100% guaranteed recipes and final product control and no wastes. 





Production of nests and lasagna

Niditrice Nest 540 NL

New design, new materials, state-of-the-art technical solutions, strong frame: all this has enabled us to create nests and lasagna machines that are resilient, easy to clean and with reduced maintenance costs.


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 Bow-tie machine: to produce top bow-tie pasta





 Bow-tie machine                                                                      



Machine suitable for producing different bow-tie pasta shapes and seizes. If you want to produce farfalle (Bologna pasta), choose a versatile and functional solution. Thanks to these machines you will be able to produce the type of farfalle that you like most: smooth, ridged at the ends or along the sides, with a single or double punching and different available seizes. Due to an innovative system that reduces dough air exposure, enhancing its properties, from the colour to the stability, you can have a perfect cut and product high quality. The rate of speed of the dough exiting the machine and the control of the scraps are continuously and independently optimized. Another strong point is the cutting-edge bowing system that let you control the mould timing safely even if the machine is functioning.

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Management of solid additives, liquids and eggs

Do you have additives for your pasta? We have all the necessary systems for you. Reliability, sanitizability, dosing precision, safety and simplicity. This group of options, all wheeled, arise from the need for supplying an alternative to the ingredients dosed in the presses, compared to powder dosage.

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A couple of tanks to safeguard the production

Couple of tanks

The storage and mixture of the additives with water take place in the tanks.

A couple of tanks are usually offered along with a dosing pump to safeguard the production and guarantee the times reduction, since one can be used during the dosing phase and the other one remains at disposal for preparing another mixture. The capacity can vary depending on modifications such as the press hourly production. The tank, ready with the product to be mixed, is placed near the press together with the pump (to which is joined by a flexible pipe).


For the best dosage of the product

Dosing pumps wheeled

Dosing pumps are available in several models (with lobes, peristaltic pumps, etc) depending on the type of plant. The pump is equipped with a capacity measurer handling the pump speed, thus enabling an optimal dosage.





Rinsing and sanitizing in one operation

Egg dosing

Automatic cleaning system of the additives plant by C.I.P.
Compact group for the cleaning of piping and additives dosing plants, strongly recommended with egg dosage (due to its bacteriological degree of severity). Hence in this case the sanitizing process must be monitored periodically for each part in contact with the product, by C.I.P. group.




In case you need to dose solid additives


To dose solid additives

Whenever you have to dose solid additives such as spinach, powdered eggs, tomatoes, turmeric, vitamins, etc., you can resort to solid additives dosing group. The choice might lie between a doser with one screw or with two screws (when the capacities are small or the products stick to each other). You could also opt for either a volumetric doser ( for non-hygroscopic raw materials such as flour or semolina) or a gravimetric one (for products such as tomatoes, vitamins, etc). Both can be fed manually or automatically, according to the Customer’s needs.




Trays automated control

You can choose between a trays stacking machine, ROBO-T, to be placed at the end of the line so that you can reduce your staff to two workers only, or an automated system, ROBO XI/XD, with an unstacking machine at the beginning and a stacking machine at the end of the line with no staff assistance. These systems can be compatible to all Storci lines and to other ones as well.


Trays stacking machine: Robo-T

Trays stacking machine: Robo T

It is suitable for producing short and special pasta and enables to reduce the staff working on the line. Specifically made for all Storci plants, it is ideal for other lines as well.


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Trays unstacking machine: Robo-XI/XD

Trays unstacking machine

The automated trays unstacking machine enables the automatic control of the trays for short pasta, nests and lasagna with no staff assistance and improves the quality of your work. Innovation and cost savings to meet any need.


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Pasta trays

Double choice to dry your pasta: choose between the traditional wooden tray and the aluminium tray, depending on your production preferences. Buy your plant with the trays: start your production from the very first day!


If you choose the tradition: the wood

Wodden trays

Fir wood and anti-hydrolysis polyester mesh. Two available standard models to dry lasagna, standard short pasta and big shapes (e.g.conchiglioni). If you choose the tradition: the wood.


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If you choose the innovation: the aluminum

Aluminum trays

Key words: precious and resilient material. This is the alternative for those choosing innovation. Two available models, find out their technical features and benefits!


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To recover all pasta scraps

Units for scraps recovering

Thanks to our units for scraps recovering, you can save cutting out wastes: reuse the ends and leftovers of the production, change of shape, filled pasta dough remnants, etc. You can choose among different models depending on your needs, all guarantee dough quality and investment recovery.


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