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Short pasta
Short pasta

Long pasta
Long pasta

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Filled pasta

Double pasteurization
Double pasteurization


Freezing process
Freezing process


Short, long, filled pasta lines. Multi-product, ready-meal line

The best solution for you is R2E, a unique line for producing short, long and filled pasta. The beginning of the line is flexible and enables to produce pasta using a press and/or dough sheeter: if these are total vacuum machines by Storci, the cooking quality is guaranteed. The lines have been designed and created with a special attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of each detail, with capacities ranging from 600 to 5000 trays/hour. Great productions can be reached increasing the number of tray rows and using interchangeable metallic plates that have been shaped according to the trays dimensions. Packaging is also possible if the heat-sealer film is attached onto the same machine. The revolving cooking and cooling systems guarantee a wide range of working times in a limited area cover; you will be able also to cook dry pasta, rice, meat, fish and vegetables to expand your product range. A winning choice for your business.



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Guaranteed cooking quality


Short, long, filled pasta production...

Short, long, filled pasta production

Wide choice of shapes: short, long, filled pasta. Great capacity of production. Cooking in small area cover. Great simplicity of usage and cleaning.




Multi-product line in a nutshell

  • Preparation of the mixture by Premix® patented system
    The best premixer in the world:quality, no compromises More info
  • Continuous press for short and long pasta
    Storci’s presses: guaranteed quality. Read more
  • Double exit automatic dough sheeter
    For a perfect dough. Read more
  • Double dough Ravioli making machine
    The guarantee of the shape you want. More info
  • Cutting and scraps recovering system
    Never waste again your pasta scraps
  • Continuous cooker
    It can be used for cooking, heating up and rehydrating many products Read more

    Sauces dosing devices
    For dosing sauces, dressings and ingredients for ready meals. Read more

Storci - BS

Thanks to the recent partnership with BS Company in Parma, new and creative solutions have been created for the preparation of ready-to-eat lasagna and cannelloni. For over 30 years, BS has been working professionally and reliably in the main markets of ready meals, fast food, ice-cream and confectionery. We are offering you the best tailor-made solution to earn more.

Icona Paste corte standard

Flexible options for different needs


Long, short, filled pasta line can be customized according to your needs. Several options are available that make it suitable for any requirements.



Long, short, filled pasta line
  1. 1Dosing and premixing system Premix®
  2. 2Continuous extruder for short and long pasta
  3. 3Kneading tank that can be turned upside down
  4. 4Double exit automatic dough sheeter
  5. 5Double dough ravioli making machine
  6. 6Cutting and recovering scraps system
  7. 7Continuous cooker
  8. 8Product washing and cooling
  9. 9Precooked pasta elevator belt and multi-head scale for product portioning
  10. 10Unstacking trays device
  11. 11Sauces storage tanks
  12. 12Sauces dosing device
  13. 13Weight monitoring
  14. 14MAP packaging sealing unit
  1. ALinear cooker option
  2. BVolumetric dosing device option
  3. CFreezing process option
  4. DDouble pasteurization option

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Brochure Instant Pasta

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We have stored all the information that you can find in this page, together with other useful tips, in a easily readable document. Download our brochure clicking here below. You will need Adobe Reader.

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