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Regional pasta
Regional pasta

Double pasteurization
Double pasteurization

Stabilization (+20°)

Freezing process
Freezing process (-20°)

Short pasta option
Short pasta option

Icona Pasta Bologna (optional)
Optional - pasta Bologna


Fresh Regional pasta lines

Thanks to Premix®, Beltmix, Bakmix dough production technologies, you can get top mixtures that are extremely suitable for being manufactured in the shaping units using semolina. They are intended for miscellaneous recipes although the outcome is always exceptional. The dough distribution system is automatized and continuously feeds many shaping units. All the lines are automatic; however, we can offer simpler solutions on request. High temperature drying system as well as freezing and double pasteurization systems are available for frozen or stabilized pasta. Vapour injection pasteurization and the belt made of patented material, assure a very efficient thermal treatment, that result in a great energy saving.


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Suitable for gluten-free pasta production


Gluten free

This line can produce gluten-free pasta. You can choose pre-cooked flours or raw flours by means of two different configurations. For more information about our No Glut technology, Click here >


Orecchiette, trofie, cavatelli...

Tradition meets innovation. Choose the regional shape you like best.

regional shape

Winning duo: special kneading groups and the best pasteurization technology, to produce a wide range of fresh traditional regional pasta




The fresh regional pasta in a nutshell

  • Mixture prepared by Premix® patented system
    The best premixer in the world: quality, no compromises Read more
  • HT-ST pasteurizers
    Proprietary technology pasteurizers developed in our R&D Laboratory More info

    Continuous spirals
    For the maximum life-spam of the fresh product
  • Coolers
    Created for cooling quickly without thermal shocks



Proprietary technology pasteurizers developed in our R&D laboratory. The usage of the vapour injection in the treatment area lets you have a quick heating up and a reduced superficial humidification of the products. Energy consumption considerably decreases in comparison to pasteurizers with internal boilers. For a good and particularly safe pasta.




Fresh regional pasta plant with double pasteurization treatment

R/DP lines have been expressly designed for regional pasta production, such as orecchiette. In these last few years, single thermal treatment production lines have been created, achieving excellent shelf-life results; however, the traditional process, that is still widely used, consists of two pasteurization treatments. The dough preparation, made by Premix® – pre-mixing system -can use different systems depending on the shaping unit characteristics. Systems such as Beltmix and Bakmix, traditional kneading tanks with paddles or other systems, must be chosen according to mechanic work quantity needed for mixing. The packages are then transported inside a first continuous spiral for a second pasteurization and subsequently into a second spiral for the final cooling. By this process you can obtain the longest possible shelf-life of a fresh product.




Fresh pasta

The greatest versatility for any need

Fresh regional pasta line for excellent orecchiette and many other shapes

Fresh regional pasta line
  1. 1Dosing and Premix® pre-mixing system and Beltmix kneading system
  2. 2Dough automatic distribution system toward the shaping units
  3. 3Vibrating distribution unit
  4. 4Pasteurizer
  5. 5High temperature drying and cooling process
  6. 6MAP packaging
  1. AHigh temperature drying and cooling option
  2. BFreezing process option
  3. COpzione doppia pastorizzazione

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