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Standard long pasta Spaghetti, chitarre
Standard long pasta
Spaghetti, chitarre

Special long pasta Ziti, Candele
Special long pasta
Ziti, Candele

Special long pasta Hollow long fusilli
Special long pasta
Hollow long fusilli


Long pasta line

This pasta plant produces any shape including candele, ziti and hollow long fusilli, with capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 kg/h. The dough preparation using the pre-kneader PREMIX® and the tank total vacuum technology give a great colour to the pasta, whereas the special outline of the compression screw minimizes the dough heating up, assuring at the same time a better quality of the dough and streamlining the energy consumption. The long phase of pre-drying (it lasts 45 minutes approximately) ensures a proper preparation of the product for the subsequent drying phase. Like Omnia line, long past line can also be equipped with Omnirobo, end line automatic system reducing manual operation up to 90%.

(*) referred to standard spaghetti shape


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Terrific spaghetti... and beyond...


You can produce so many long pasta shapes, both standard and special shape

Collage long pasta

Starting from the most famous shape in the world, the spaghetto, to the production of very special shapes such as hollow long fusilli, ziti…with all the flexibility you need.




Long pasta line in a nutshell

  • Preparation of the dough by means of Premix® patented system
    Number 1 in the world: quality , no compromises. Read More
  • Press with Total Vacuum technology or Beltmix patented system
    Pick out the most inexpensive or those ones with special features. Read More
  • The spreaders, performance aimed at your needs.
    Standard or special shapes depending on choices. Read More
  • Longdryer system.
    The long pre-drying phase ensures a suitable preparation of the product to the drying phase. Read all
  • Optional automatic sticks transport
    It is perfect for increasing productivity and reducing personnel costs. You can find it in the Options section


Find out all the details in the technology section ->



If you are looking for a good value for money


Thanks to our line for long pasta you can choose to produce spaghetti and other standard shapes or special shapes, being sure to have good value for money since the resulting product is top quality.Thanks to this pasta plant you can be one step ahead of competitors.

Long pasta line

Reliability and resilience guarantee

5 years warranty

We offer an optional guarantee that can last up to 5 years for main mechanic parts. This shows how much reliable we believe our plants are. We build lines that can work non stop 24/7: we are aware of how important reliability is for our Customers. In this production line you can find all this. From choosing the best components, suppliers and partners to worldwide after-sales support. 100% reliability means to you “the comfort of the right choice”.





Dry pasta

Flexibility to meet your requirements


Long pasta line can be set up according to your needs. There are several available choices that make it adaptable to any need, either you like to produce standard or special shapes.

Long pasta line
  1. 1Press with linear head
  2. 2Spreader STE 1120-1500
  3. 3Fresh scraps recovery group
  4. 4Long pasta Longdryer
  5. 5OMNIROBO for automatic loading of long pasta trolleys

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