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Nests and lasagna line

Line for the production of tagliatelle nests and lasagna, NESTPASTALINE can produce nests and/or lasagna on trays. The dough preparation using the pre-kneader PREMIX® and the tank total vacuum technology give a great colour to the pasta, whereas the special outline of the compression screw minimizes the dough heating up, assuring a better quality of the dough and streamlining the energy consumption. The pre-drying phase, beyond defining the nest shape, improves the drying times. Many cutting-.rollers are available to manufacture festooned as well as variably or alternately cut tagliatelle. You can get the maximum automation with the trays unstacking and stacking machines ROBO XD/XI.


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Nests or lasagna? Both!


Ad hoc line for nests and lasagna production. Choose thickness, shape and coarseness, no problem.

Nests and lasagna

Nests, lasagna or festooned tagliatelle, but only D.O.C.. Guaranteed quality.




Nests and lasagna line in a nutshell

  • Preparation of the dough by means of Premix® patented system.
    Number 1 in the world: quality , no compromises. Read more
  • Press with Total Vacuum technology or Beltmix patented system
    Pick out the most inexpensive or those ones with special features Read more
  • Nest and lasagna pasta machines: performance focused on your needs
    Nests and lasagna according to your needs, you can find them in Options section
  • Optional automatic transport of trays and sticks, option
    It is perfect for increasing productivity and reducing personnel costs, You can find it in the Options section


Find out all the details in the Technology section ->



Production capacity: good value for money


Our line for nests and lasagna enables you to reach an important goal: a large production with your pasta plant with a limited cost.

Nests - lasagne line

Reliability and strength guarantee

5 years warranty

We offer an optional guarantee that can last up to 5 years for some of our main mechanic parts. This shows how much reliable we believe our plants are. We build lines that can work non stop 24/7: we are aware of how important reliability is for our Customers. In this production line you can find all this. From choosing the best components, suppliers and partners to worldwide after-sales support. 100% reliability means to you “the comfort of the right choice".





Dry pasta

Many solutions according to your needs


Nests and lasagna line can be set up according to your needs. There are several available choices that make it adaptable to any need, either you like to produce nests and lasagne or festooned tagliatelle.

Nests and lasagna line
  1. 1Trays feeder AT-12.60
  2. 2Nests and lasagna machine NEST-540/L
  3. 3VT Press with circular head
  4. 4Pre-drying for trays
  5. 5Trays stacking machine ROBO-T 12.60

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