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Storci Pasta Center

Our Pasta Center is a real pasta factory, located in Ferrara (Italy).
Here, Pasta di Canossa is manufactured and distributed.

Behind this project, there is the story of the encounter of two entrepreneurial families in search of new business strategies. An encounter leading to an important outcome.
First, the Di Canossa Family, who, for over a century in San Martino Ferrara, has been taking care of the ancient Tenuta Cuniola, an estate that once belonged to Matilde di Canossa.
Ottavio di Canossa and his father, Alvise, who are currently managing the estate where they grow several types of products, have been looking for some time for a pasta “with the taste of pasta” , as they are not satisfied with the pasta sold in that period that, in their personal opinion,  has no specific features or is excessively refined. For this reason, moved by the idea of finding their own pasta, they take some wheat, grown in their estate, to a nearby mill and try some processing techniques.
They get very favourable reports during the experimental phase of the product, consequently they decide to undertake a new adventure.
A small business starts up and the feedback is very positive, thus they decide to go ahead with this new adventure. In 2013, due to the increase of orders and production process, the Canossa family starts its commercial organization, searching, at the same time, a Company that could help them technologically and create a pasta factory.
And here Storci comes into play: being aware of the essential role that R&D has in a Company, Storci would like to test and effectively develop machines and products, carrying out these researching activities in a site not too much far from Parma..
These needs, along with an immediate, mutual esteem between the Families, gives life to Pasta di Canossa Factory, that also becomes Storci Pasta Center.



The pasta factory

There are currently two multi-format Omnia lines, able to manufacture long and short pasta as well as special shapes. Both lines can also produce instant pasta thanks to Storci Instant Pasta System. In the factory, you can see with your own eyes the quality of our production lines, timing and methods of shape change, experience in person the instant pasta process, and so on.
Omnia specifications are listed hereinafter.


Multi format Omnia 1000/800

Multi format Omnia 1000/800


Multi format Omnia more info + instant pasta
Production: Dry pasta, instant pasta
Shapes: short, long pasta
Production capacity:

  • Up to 1000Kg/h of dry pasta and
  • 600 Kg/h of instant pasta

Extrusion system: circular head with long pasta separator (fungo)  more info
Optional: Storci Instant Pasta System  more info



Multi format Omnia 600/400

Multi format Omnia 600/400


Multi format Omnia more info + instant pasta
Production: dry pasta, instant pasta
Shapes: short, long, nests and lasagna
Production capacity:

  • Up to 600Kg/h of dry pasta and
  • 250 Kg/h of instant pasta

Extrusion system: Double head  more info
Optional: Storci Instant Pasta System more info
Nests and lasagna



Available services

Find out the exclusive services for our Customers

Training Center

Visit to a real production site

You will perfectly grasp how your factory is going to function, the problems and their solutions, the importance of the accessories on the line, the necessary spaces and, especially, how the final outcome, the pasta, will be.

Tests carried out with Customer’s ingredients and parameters

A unique and exclusive chance for our Customers. You will be able to carry out with our Technicians, some production tests using your ingredients with a real line in a real pasta factory, not simulating the process in a Lab. This way, you will exactly get the final product obtainable with your Storci Line.

On-demand training courses

Ask for more information: sales-storci@storci.com