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Storci and Pastificio Marulo
Passion for pasta


Francesco Marulo, owner of the factory of the same name, answers our questions. He tells us why he chose Storci to produce high quality traditional pasta.

Could you tell us your story?

The Company was founded thanks to the initiative and innovation desire of the Marulo Family. The goal is the production of a very high quality pasta that is the demonstration of Torre Annunziata’s tradition, known until mid-twentieth century as the „arte bianca“ center. We are in a magic pasta production area; we make only 1200 kilograms a day, presenting our super premium line intended for „gourmet“ consumers. Technical and traditional knowledges along with the selection of exquisite raw materials make our pasta a unique product of the culinary art of this town.

Which are the main features of your pasta? What does artisanal art mean to you?

We focus with passion on selected raw materials and traditional processes, bronze wire drawing and a slow, long, low-temperature drying process, to guarantee flavour, colour and firmness after cooking: our pasta is unique for its aroma, roughness and porousness. We always choose high quality raw materials, after attentively analysing the durum wheat. Traceability is always assured from harvest to table. Each aspect of the process – such as humidity and temperature – is thoroughly controlled. After the bronze wire drawing, the next drying phase is very slow; this way our pasta achieves excellent characteristics.

Why did you choose Storci?

As we strongly wanted to make an excellent product, we could do nothing else than being flanked by a pasta production line world leader brand. The choice proved to be a winning one, the product made by Storci’s plants has met all expectations since the testing. All this thanks to the professionalism and expertise of Storci’s technicians: the added value to a flawless supply.

What do you expect from the future?

We would like to be the reference company among the finest traditional Neapolitan pastas. We always look for the excellence, to make people experience the fascinating “arte Bianca” taste. To reach our goals, we rely only on innovative and well-organized companies such as Storci, able to accompany us along the way.