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Arte e Pasta


Storci and Arte & Pasta
Together for a winning duo


Interview to Salvatore Ferraro, President of Arte & Pasta, well known Company in Boscoreale,  very close to those towns that have always been famous for pasta production, Torre Annunziata and Gragnano.
The choice of the best italian wheat, the bronze wire-drawing, the slow drying and the wide choice of shapes are the main inspirational features of the Company. In search of an excellent pasta, Arte & Pasta choose Storci's machinery. Let's read why.

Could you tell us in short the story of Arte & Pasta?

We like to state that we were not seeking it, but by chance circumstances that we became pasta makers, taking over another Company which could not manage a successful enterprise. Consequently, as it usually happens when facing a new challenge, the passion grew so much that this became the main activity of the Ferraro Family.

Which are the main features of your product? What does craftmanship mean to you?

The features of our product depend on the choice and the control of the raw materials, beacuse in a such simple recipe, I mean semolina and water, the raw materal is essential for the quality of the final product. We naturally attach a great importance to the dough as well as the bronze wire-drawing, slow drying and letting it stand. All this is our idea of craftmanship: "respect the times, no hurry".

You have been making pasta for over twenty years; now you are ready for a new project and pasta factory. What do you expect from this important investment?

The choice of this new project is somewhat due to space and production; it goes without saying that we hope to satisfy our regular customers as well as to enter new markets and new countries. We also like to believe that, thanks to our choices, ten new families can rely on a job, without mentioning the satellite activities.

Why did you choose Storci? What is its added value in your opinion?

The relationship with Storci is growing stronger and stronger, since we have already experienced in the past their great expertise in the sector of pasta making machinery. Moreover we appreciate the fact that, despite their very high numbers, they have always kept a familiar and human profile.


Arte e Pasta

Arte & pasta

Arte & Pasta