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Technical Assistance Service (SAT)
A conversation with Salvatore Minutolo


For Fava Storci, customer service is of crucial importance, as it is the key to building lasting relationships based on trust and ensuring that every need is best met. We interview Salvatore Minutolo, Head of service and management of Fava Storci construction site personnel (mechanical, electrical/electronic supervisors and technologists), to explore all the challenges that concern his work.

Salvatore MinutoloMr. Minutolo, what are the main tasks of your department in terms of technical assistance?

The SAT (Technical Assistance Service) department for which I am responsible is made up of a team of highly specialized technicians who follow our customers closely and are responsible for analyzing and addressing all those mechanical, electronic, software and technology issues that may arise from the use of the systems. In addition to the direct service to customers, it also deals with the management of construction sites with the coordination of all the technicians of the various engineering disciplines involved in the assembly and testing phases. Our staff installs and tests new systems and lines, provides mechanical, technological and software assistance to customers on site and remotely, carries out mechanical and software reviews of the systems. Our offer also includes a scheduled maintenance service, to preserve the efficiency and durability of the systems over time. To give an example of our commitment and our activities, at the moment, with the SAT office, we are managing 12 assembly/testing sites and, again this week, we will have four on-site assistance interventions.


Please explain specifically the services offered to the customer.  Just to mention the most important activities - Assistance and telephone support: we respond to customer requests, remotely with the PC, with an office staff made up of 4 mechanics, 2 software engineers, supported by my role as manager who deals, in prevalence of the technological part. This team also includes test drivers who are able to provide careful online assistance, even when busy on other construction sites.
On-site assistance: we are always ready to intervene at the customer’s explicit request in the event of mechanical and/or technological problems.
Scheduled maintenance: essential to guarantee the constant efficiency of the lines over time.

How do you encourage customers to carry out preventive maintenance on pasta plants? What advantages does this practice offer?
We offer preventive maintenance packages, tailor-made for customers, which include two to four interventions per year and the help of professionals who guarantee the correct functioning of the lines.

What measures are adopted to guarantee the safety of the systems and the customers who use them?
Plant safety is a fundamental issue for us. For this reason we train the customer’s staff with training, both during the assembly and testing phase of the line at the customer’s premises and in the period following them.

What is the added value that the SAT Fava Storci service offers and what makes it particularly efficient?
A unique experience because it has been gained over many years of work which allows us to quickly identify any need to be solved and the quality and value of the services offered.

What trends or changes in the pasta plant industry do you expect will influence the work of your department in the future?
The part relating to the management of remote work, which is becoming increasingly predominant and deserves a separate chapter.