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Laboratori Fava Storci

Laboratori Fava Storci

Fava Storci presents its integrated laboratories and offers a comprehensive platform designed to stimulate innovation and product development, promptly responding to the needs of pasta factories and allowing them to maintain a competitive advantage on the market.

Today, we will focus on the research centre in Cento (FE), which recently underwent a significant transformation that has made it cutting-edge and aligned with the latest technological standards in the field. This modern laboratory is among the added value services provided by the company and is used as an analytical and experimental laboratory.

It is available to customers for the development of new products and the implementation of the latest technologies and innovations. The new laboratory extends over and area of 1000 m2  and includes the dough formation room, the ancillary equipment rooms, the analytical lab and the prototype lab.

The laboratory is equipped with pilot lines for the production of dried pasta and couscous, where all the dough formation tests are conducted.
In particular, tests on the customer’s raw materials are of fundamental importance, as they provide valuable recommendations and suggestions for optimizing the drying diagrams.

Understanding the behavior of raw materials as technological parameters vary allows you to fine-tune the ideal drying diagram, guaranteeing the best pasta quality in terms of appearance and cooking performance.

laboratorio fava storci

The Fava Storci Laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment to conduct complete analysis on raw materials and finished products. It offers technical and technological training services, chemical-physical, rheological and sensorial analysis, as well as dough formation tests aimed at improving the processes and quality of the finished product.

Furthermore, pasta making tests are conducted for the development of new raw materials and finished products. Thanks to the experience of our experts and the use of cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee customers the complete experience, from the mixing phase to the finished product. The laboratory is suitable for testing a wide range of products, from traditional pasta to cous cous, using different raw materials, including durum wheat, soft wheat, glutenfree flours, legumes, ingredients or additives. We offer customized solutions to test new products to launch on the market or to perfect particularly complex recipes.

The Fava Storci Laboratories are guided by a fundamental principle: the customer at the center of everything.



Laboratori Fava Storci
Laboratori Fava Storci
Laboratori Fava Storci