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Eier Geiger gbr

In Kleinkötz, Germany, a beautiful family-run business has recently added pasta production to its main poultry activity.
We asked Mr Martin Geiger, owner, to tell us something about his company together with some anecdotes connected to the relationships with Storci.



Mr Geiger please tell us briefly how your company was born.

It all started 30 years ago at our dairy farm when I was 12 and bought two chickens.

I sold the eggs going from house to house on my bike. The number of chickens has steadily increased over the years. In 2002 we already had 1100 chickens and became 15000 in 2012; in the summer of the same year, we suddenly had too many eggs, so we bought a small pasta machine and started a very artisanal production in the basement of our house.

In 2019 we built our feed mill so that we could produce the feed ourselves and process our grain. At this stage, the space at our disposal in the basement was inadequate.

 In 2021 our family decided to establish a new pasta production facility. It was important to us to have sustainable, zero-mile farming and let consumers see how we raise our chickens, where the feed comes from and how we grow our durum wheat.



You only use excellent durum wheat ground in your mill and your eggs to manufacture your pasta. How much have Storci and its machinery affected the production of such an exquisite pasta like yours?

On a trip to Italy, we visited several suppliers of pasta machines and made up our minds when we arrived at Storci, an avant-garde company.

On August 1st, 22, Storci skilled staff, along with the help of our family members, installed an Easy Omnia 70. We couldn't wait to produce our first pasta. We could already see the performant processing of the machine parts and got to know the machine itself. After a few fine adjustments, the line was up and started running smoothly, enabling us to produce a good product.

Consequently, I thought that the Storci technician could go home as I believed that after a 12-year experience, I was already able to make pasta. But it wasn't like that because I was surprised to realize how much I was learning from Storci about pasta processing. Thanks to them, I can now manufacture an excellent product that stands out from our competitors. Any shape of pasta is made to perfection.

One of Storci’s forte? Their Customer Service. It is highly qualified, specialized and, most of all, available.