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Lines and machinery for fresh pasta
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Lines and machinery for fresh pasta


Storci’s experience in fresh pasta dates back to the 1980s, when Anzio Storci was still President of Parmasei. Those were the years of the American dream and it was there that the first shuttling containers system for tortellini, both dough and filling, designed by Anzio Storci, was installed. The plant automated, with fully automatic feeding, 28 tortellini forming machines and 28 sheeters, installing 4 lines of 7 machines each. It was such an innovative project that it changed the large industry market for the next decade.

Storci Fresh Pasta Laboratory

Today, shuttling containers are everywhere, but when they were first designed, they were extraordinarily ahead of their time. In addition to finding an innovative solution to a long-standing problem, it was introduced the industrial vision of this sector that was then characterized by a great deal of manual work, adding machines upon machine, although reliability, quality and economy had already been pillars for years.

Over the years, Storci has always been the protagonist of important innovations in the sector, such as the Vacuum Sheeter®, the Beltmix® static dough system, the use of peek netting to avoid leaving marks on the product during pasteurization, etc. Innovations that characterise all our fresh pasta plants in Italy and around the world. Today, our production range starts with plants with smaller hourly capacities than in the past, with multiformat plants whose production ranges from 150 to 600 kg/h of rolled pasta, single sheet cappelletti and double sheet ravioli also with soft fillings. The latest plant built features a Premix® unit, our alternative to kneading tanks with manual dosing. It is a patented pre-mixing system for raw materials, complete with a volumetric dosing unit for flour and an electronic dosing unit for liquid ingredients, to produce different types of pre-mixing automatically, flexibly, and continuously. The line is then equipped with a VSF 250.2 Dough sheeter with two 250 mm outlets. 

In this specific machine, the two outlets can be used for doublesheet ravioli but one of them can be inhibited when producing single-sheet or laminated pasta products. This is followed by the latest-generation Ravioli forming machine RS 250, suitable for handling all kinds of fillings, fed by a lobe pump, comprising two laminating units with separate drives, with independent bases for easy cleaning. For rolled dough, a CAL 400.1 Calibrator mounted on wheels is placed in front of the sheeter, which can bring the sheet down to 0.5mm. The calibrator is equipped with a loop control system. In this way a single line can produce both laminated and filled products. All our forming machines have been equipped with the latest technological innovations, from PLC control panels, to the possibility of making soft fillings, to moulds mounted on independent structures on wheels to make size changeover very easy, to maintain veryhigh safety standards and to be able to easily sanitise all parts in contact with dough or fillings. These and many other innovations will be at disposal of our customers, who will be able to test the response of our machinery with their raw materials in our new research centre, the Storci Fresh Pasta Laboratory.



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Since 1991 we have been working in the pasta machinery sector, in the pursuit of technology and innovation, making sure that the right attention is always given to tradition. Our team consists of active and expert professionals, set in a lively and versatile organization, operating with a sole aim: Customers' satisfaction. Whether it be engineers, technologists, mechanics, designers, customer service...our staff always make sure that the possible Buyer can fully reach his goal. We guarantee expertise and a great cooperation. Although it is no longer a family-run business, due to the great growth of the past few years, the Company has been keeping up its original philosophy as its main feature, towards both its Partners, thanks to a successful cooperation, exchange of views and mutual trust, and especially its Customers. This attitude also applies to the people working in the Company and we continuously pay attention to training and refresher courses, because we are aware of the appreciation of each individual and of the positive outcome this has on the whole team.



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