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Perhaps not everyone knows that quadrucci is a speciality in our country coming from the trimmings and scraps of pasta, that means the leftover dough after preparing fettuccine on a festive occasion.

This shape is also widespread in the Maghreb, particularly in the North-East of the area and in South-East Europe, where is used for traditional dishes and soups.


QUADRUCCIATRICEThe latest addition to Storci’s lines, among the machines for the production of special shapes, is the quadrucci forming machine QDR 540, which allows the production of quadrucci of different sizes, with smooth or ridged edges, even on all four sides.

Machine characteristics:

Totally stainless steel and fully openable for easy cleaning and quick shape change. Two independent drives, interchangeable knives and cutting rollers to produce the desired shapes and dimensions. Equipped with protections and microswitches, which guarantee a maximum safety production. Cutting rollers synchronised with sheet feed advancing speed. Equipped with wheels for an easy insertion/removal in the various line configurations for pasta shape changes, without hindering the production process. Possibility of adding other shapes after purchase. Independent electrical panel with inverter for a specific machine control. The quadrucci pasta forming machine by Storci is suitable for integration into new or existing lines and is a valid solution for those wishing to produce this particular pasta shape with targeted performance.


quadrucciatrice QUADRUCCI FORMING MACHINE QDR-540 - Technical data

Installed power (kW) 0,92
Dimensions (LxPxH) (mm)


Weight (Kg) 340
Dry product (Kg/h) 200/250
Cuts 5x5/10x10
Edge smooth/zig-zag