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Storci & Shahri Zeboi Mo Ltd:
In Tajikistan another successful story

Shahri Zeboi Mo Ltd


We interview Mr Parviz Rahimov, general manager for the implementation of the pasta factory project of Shahri Zeboi MO Ltd, a company in Tajikistan we are happy to number among our new customers.


Shahri Zeboi MO LTD

Could you tell us about your company? How come did you decide to invest in the pasta sector?

Shahri Zeboi MO Ltd is an investment company headquartered in the Republic of Tajikistan. It acts as a leader in several business sectors, such as building, real estate, food transformation and trading. We in Shahri Zeboi MO Ltd strongly embrace the morals established by the founder of Peace and National Unity of Tajikistan, the country’s leader, the President Mr Emomali Rahmon.

Pasta production is an essential part of the food security strategy of our country; that is the reason for investing in this sector.

Shahri Zeboi MO LTD

How did you get to know us? Why did you choose our company for your dry pasta production?


We searched all over the world and contacted several companies. Storci has been the only one that met all our criteria and expectations. The basic idea was to install just one line to process different pasta shapes, both short and long. Another crucial point was to start our activity at its best, keeping the costs as low as possible. And that has been feasible with Storci.


Which technological and innovative characteristics made you choose the Storci Omnia line you have just bought?


Omnia is the ideal solution to produce a wide range of shapes with a minimum footprint, still maintaining very high quality. It is like having two production lines in the space of one. The plant has unique versatility features, innovative and technological solutions that made us favoured Storci over other suppliers, convinced of having made the winning choice to enter the pasta market with the maximum competitiveness.