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Antico Pastificio Lucano
Many shapes for pasta made with passion


Rocco Quagliara is the owner of Antico Pastificio Lucano, an important factory in Basilicata. In this interview he tells us about his Company and values and the pasta they manufacture, a variety of products ranging from typical, local shapes to traditional ones.


Antico Pastificio Lucano was born in 2005 in Contrada Pipoli in Acerenza, the nexus of two remarkable culinary traditions of Basilicata, Genzano’s and Acerenza’s. Will you tell us something about your Company and guidelines?

Since its inception, we have decided that the cornerstone of our activity should be manufacturing an excellent product. Consequently, our accompanying line of action along the whole process is the following: at the beginning, there is the selection of high quality and local semolina; the same attention is given later to all the production phases until reaching a unique product.

The business relationship between our two Companies is long-lasting. You had already chosen us in 2005 when you bought a multiformat Omnia line; in 2021, to our great satisfaction, you have again picked us for a short pasta line. Could you tell us about these two experiences?

Since during the designing phase of the factory, our Company had decided to rely on Storci’s professionality. We started buying a multiformat Omnia line and three static dryers. The results were highly satisfactory: thanks to the cooperation between our pasta maker Domenico Lomuto (nicknamed Mimmo, also a member of the Quagliaras family) and Storci’s staff, we managed to bring into play an excellent product. Considering the positive feedback of the market, we chose to increase the production; we consequently bought two more dryers, followed by four more in 2020. In 2021, we have further expanded our production and chosen Storci again, this time for a short pasta line.

The pasta you produce, Pasta Quagliara, is the offspring of a long story. You manufacture it according to the ancient recipes, with all the care necessary to guarantee authenticity and conformity with the food regulations. How much has our Company contributed to the success of this project?

Storci has been our key strength. The great versatility of the Omnia line enables us to cope with all the demands of our Customers, producing several shapes of short, long and special pasta. A high-level technology always combined with respect for tradition: that is what we were seeking for our brand.
Moreover, our Company has become a reference point for many cereal factories of Southern Italy, that transform their durum wheat in semolina and afterwards in excellent quality pasta.

What are your projects in the future?

We are going to improve our packaging lines shortly. In the coming years, instead, we will be cooperating again with Storci; at the moment, however, we won’t disclose anything about it; let’s say it is natural for us to think of your Company always as our primary partner.