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New Static Dryers HW-8T by Storci Advanced Dryer.
Versatile, powerful and convenient

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About two years ago, thanks to an important study carried out by Storci R&D, an ambitious project was conceived concerning the improvement of the drying process inside the static dryers.


pasta secca

To reach that goal, the dryer has been completely re-planned, designing again and improving all its components from a point of view either technical or technological, resulting in a uniform ventilation over all the trays inside the dryer. This has improved the drying process at both high and low temperature, with remarkable advantages for the final quality of the product.
Since 2019, new dryers have been manufactured and are about to be installed in several pasta factories.
This step forward is to be added to all the distinctive features of Storci’s static dryers.
First of all, they have been manufactured with the same panels used for the big automatic lines by Fava/Storci: panels that are already excellent but have been further refined.

celle di essiccazione

Moreover, the dryers allow a computerized drying process, extremely easy and versatile, because it is possible to change, quickly, recipes and settings simply choosing from the menu of the touch-screen interface. It is also possible to modulate it in case the production is to be increased and new dryers are needed to implement it, so that the investment is totally adaptable to any requirements the Customer might ask for.
Storci’s static dryers are resilient and long-lasting and among the most reliable on the market. For this reason, we can offer a 10-year guarantee for the fiberglass panels.
Last but not least, the new drying phase software. This new system is different from the previous ones for one main feature: it is based on an auto-adaptable principle.

When setting a starting and ending phase, during the middle phases the software allows the recipe to constantly adapt to the real ambient conditions. This way, it is able to correct its own functioning with reference to possible new events, such as human mistakes made by the operators or failures, either when drying or producing.
All this allows a more precise drying level, thus contributing to ist perfect stability, for an excellent dried pasta, according to the Customer’s preferences.