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P.M. Mohamed Ali & Co.


P.M. Mohamed Ali & Co
Why we chose Storci (again)

The business relationship between P.M. Mohamed Ali & Co. and Storci started some years ago, when the first line, 1000/400 Omnia, was purchased. We are proud to announce that the Sri Lankan group has decided to turn to our Company again for a new dry short pasta line, capacity 1200 kg/h. This plant can manufacture a wide range of short pasta shapes and is the outcome of an attentive planning work by Storci R&D dept which, beyond getting to a strengthening of the line, has implemented a series of specific details to make it even more reliable and performing. Which ones?
We asked Mr. Marhoof Fahmi - P.M. Mohamed Ali & Co. owner – about it.


  • You did buy a Storci short pasta line (1200 kg/h), equipped with accessories and highly automated. Could you tell us which features of this line struck you most? How has it contributed to produce an excellent pasta such as yours?

There are some key factors that I would like to point out.

Thanks to Storci presses, the quality of our products is risen and the plant monitoring is much easier: the high technology and the quality of the components used are essential to reach such results.

Trays stacking machine. Only two words: technology & safety. For a production at its very top.

The drying phase. Storci drying system is modular, versatile and advantageous. Storci dryers have been recently re-designed, improving all the components, from both technological and technical points of view. They enable the drying of any pasta shapes, with no problem whatsoever.

Last, but not least I have to mention, is the high automation of the line itself that allows a reduction of the manpower with a subsequent management fee saving.

  • Which are the reasons you would bring forward when advising someone, interested in the pasta sector, to turn to Storci?

In general terms, the quality and reliability of their lines. Moreover, we would like to highlight the excellent service/after-sales assistance, always available and thorough: Storci team has proved to be very responsive to our needs, timely and professionally.


  • Are you planning any specific projects in the next future? Any new challenges to take on?

We are planning to boost further short pasta shapes and add a long pasta production plant in the future. In our opinion, the greatest challenge nowadays is to make people understand how pasta is a healthy and versatile product, with so many pros, making sure that it is more and more available and affordable on the market, without being forced to give up on quality.



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