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P.M. Mohamedali & Co.


Storci & P.M. Mohamedali & Co.
New Omnia line 1000/400 lands in Sri Lanka


Great news for our Omnia lines: nowadays, thanks to Omnia 1000/800, the line has increased its production capacity reaching: 1000 kg/h for short pasta and 800 kg/h for long pasta.

Omnia is the special multi-format line that, thanks to its versatility and compactness, can produce many shapes uninterruptedly with a unique machine.

The production ranges from long pasta, short and special pasta, to bow-ties (farfalle), thanks to the combination with a specific unit.

Maximum performance, then, either for those who are just starting up in the pasta market or for the ones who are already operating with great capacities, although interested in special formats production as well. In fact, we shouldn’t forget that Omnia can be equipped with the units for instant and gluten-free pasta production.

The Company P.M.Mohamed Ali & Co has seized the opportunities offered by our line and has chosen Storci for the production of high quality pasta.

The Sri Lankan Group has sure enough purchased an Omnia 1000/400 that can now update and diversify the production process. The owner, Mr Marhoof Fahmi, answers our questions:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your Company?

We have been operating in the food sector for 60 years, manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of products in Sri Lanka: pasta, oil, tuna, cereals, everything standing out for their main characteristic: the quality.

  • How did you find out about us? How come did you choose us for your business?

We found your Company surfing the internet and by word of mouth from some companies which had bought your line and are happy with it. We have chosen Storci also because of the excellent support of your team and particularly of your sales manager, Fabian Balestrazzi, and subsequent follow up.

  • Which characteristics of Omnia line did you find more interesting and why?

We were struck by the versatility of the machine, able to produce many different shapes and by the circular die, with separator for long pasta, that we have discovered to be very convenient, because, although the line has a single head, it can produce both long and short pasta. This results in a great diversification of production.

  • What are your plans for the future?

We plan to increase our productivity, always supported by Storci, making the most of the potentialities of Omnia 1000/400 and upgrading the line, certain to get an excellent product.