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Storci and its partner, Fava S.p.A, reap the rewards at the Ipack Ima 2015 trade fair.
The flow of visitors from all over the world was truly intense, with huge interest shown for all our products; for both dry and fresh pasta, couscous, ready meals and above all for instant pasta  (more info: www.instantpasta.info) and gluten-free tortellini.
In fact this year's latest innovation, instant pasta, was the cause for much surprise and attention. A great many samples were handed out, in the various available flavours, and Storci's staff noted, to their great satisfaction, that the product went down really well, so much so that many people asked for seconds!
Gluten-free tortellini were just as popular: the number of samples distributed exceeded all expectations and visitors enjoyed them, expressing their surprise at once by first of all asking if they really were gluten-free because they tasted so good.
Michele Storci: “We are really happy with how the 2015 edition of the Ipack Ima trade fair went: it was a 100% success! Together with our partner we collected a large number of contacts and it was a great opportunity to meet Storci customers and friends. Yet again we proved ourselves sector leaders, always at the forefront when it comes to innovation and technology combined with tradition in the world of pasta manufacturing machinery.” Giovanni Strinati, sales area manager for Storci Spa in Maghreb, said: “We are really pleased with the organization of this event, for myself, I can say I met with a great many visitors both from the Maghreb region and other parts of the world and the interest in our lines was always high, with equal importance given to all the various solutions.”
See you again at Ipack Ima 2018.

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