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Compression cylinders
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Key features

  • Made from quality carbon steel fitted with stainless steel cooling lining with special internal design for optimizing the cooling water flow and galvanic anode (against stray currents).
  • High quality cast iron lining with anti-seizure function also available (recommended for use with stainless steel worm screws).
  • Used or worn cylinders can be reconditioned in our workshop
The compression stage is one of the most important technological stages in determining the end quality of the pasta. Minimizing the increase in temperature during the compression stage is fundamental for ensuring excellent firmness of the pasta during cooking. The compression unit is made up of a worm screw and an internally grooved cylinder.
The cylinder, despite being less sophisticated from a technical point of view than the worm screw, is essential for optimum screw operation.
The play between the worm screw and the cylinder must always be kept within set limits in order to avoid dough expulsion or rotation which heat up the dough and lead to a fall in production.


  • Savings and speed: thanks to the rapid cylinder fitting kit supplied, cylinders can be installed or removed from the press in half the time

We recondition used compression cylinders in our workshop. This process involves:

  • boring to widen the internal diameter;
  • insertion of a quality carbon steel lining;
  • internal boring to restore the original diameter and grooving;
  • cleaning or replacement of the cooling lining;
  • repainting in the original colour;


  • insertion of a special high quality cast iron lining with grub screw fastening.

N.B.: with regards cylinder wear, a cylinder is to be considered worn, and consequently in need of replacement, when the grooving in the area directly downstream from the infeed mouth has completely worn away.

For quick and easy inspection, when the press is stopped, put your hand in from the vacuum tank and check the state of the grooving in the point indicated (fig. A - picture no. 3 in the picture gallery provided on this sheet). When the grooving has almost totally worn away, the compression cylinder must be replaced or reconditioned. This operation can be carried out with the worm screw installed or removed.

A more accurate inspection can be carried out by measuring, (fig. B - photo no. 3 in the picture gallery on this sheet) with the aid of suitably sized gauge, the diameter of the screw and the cylinder. When the difference between the two diameters exceeds 1.2 mm, the compression unit must be replaced or reconditioned. This operation must be performed with worm screws removed.

For cylinders you can opt for simple servicing or the application of the latest technology (upgrading) for components considered technically obsolete.

Braibanti compression cylinder

Compression cylinder 


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