R 540 C
Single-sheet ravioli forming machines

  • Filled pasta production: single-sheet ravioli (sheet width 540 mm)
  • System for creating pinched shapes “on the flat”
  • Continuous filling feeder
  • Tempered and case-hardened cams and gear wheels

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RCA 300-540 B
Double-sheet ravioli forming machines

  • Double-sheet ravioli production (sheet width 300-540 mm)
  • Mechanical system for extracting the single ravioli pieces from the cutting roller
  • Rod system for filling distribution
  • Double overlapped lamination unit
  • Automatic feed of sheets to the mold using removable conveyor belts
  • Tempered and case-hardened cams and gear wheels

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RC 250-300 AR
Ravioli forming machines with continuous filling without rods

  • Double-sheet ravioli production (sheet width 250-300 mm)
  • Double overlapped lamination unit  
  • Calibrator roller speed separately adjustable
  • Continuous worm screw filling feeder
  • Pair of conveyor belts to feed pasta to the mold (can be coupled to a press for continuous operation)

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Automatic tortellini forming machine
Storci by Cavallini

  • Technology and tradition linked together

  • Maximum exploitation of the dough

  • Quick and reliable format change/modular structure

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