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Overlooked by Pienza, known by many as "the ideal city", and surrounded by fairytale countryside where the landscape is a work of art in itself, lies the Val D'Orcia, a magical place where time stands still; the ultimate picture of charm and tradition. Right here in the heart of ancient Tuscany, the Panarese family grows exceptionally high quality durum wheat which they then use to make artisanal pasta in their very own pasta making plant.
The Pastificio Toscano brings together the finest aspects of Tuscan culture and tradition. From the superior quality grain typical regional pasta is made using bronze dies and slow drying techniques; pasta such as Pici and Pappardelle which can turn any meal into a feast when served with meat sauces or ricotta and cheeses all produced in this little corner of paradise.

Storci has made its own contribution in satisfying production needs, with a Semi-automatic line for the production of short-cut dry pasta and nested pasta. Together with the Panarese family, Storci is proud of its role in preserving the art of fine pasta making.

For more info about Panarese and Pastificio Toscano: www.pastapanarese.it/