Anzio Storci with Giancarlo Gonizzi
Anzio storciAnzio Storci in Barilla in the '50s

A bike, a comic, a chance meeting that will be very important for young Anzio Storci…
this and many more episodes have been gathered in a biography that is currently being edited by the well-known administrator of the Barilla historic archive, Giancarlo Gonizzi, who goes back over our President’s life, from his childhood until 2017, focusing on his family, his job in Barilla and all the experiences that have made him a remarkable man.

A man that has lived enthusiastically and extraordinarily, always willing to learn more and broaden his knowledge, as one can clearly deduce from his words:” I have been working for sixty years and yet every day I realize there’s always something new to learn” Follow us for the latest news about this project!