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Storci S.p.A. aluminium trays
Strong and lightweight. Designed to maximize the air flux effectiveness on the drying product.



Nowadays it is of the main importance for the food industry machines to comply with very high sanitary standards, particularly during the drying or dehydration process of fresh foods. Wooden trays, traditionally used for the drying process of dry pasta, have some basic problems such as that, over time, they could release wood particles into the product; moreover, being an organic material, its innate feature is to absorb and release humidity.
To avoid the above-mentioned issues, thanks to the project an design by our R&D, we have created specific aluminium trays for drying pasta and similar products, that are a valid, alternative technologic solution to wooden trays.

Our trays:

• Can eliminate the presence of w ood particles in the product

• Have a perfect mechanic rigidity

• Can be stacked and are compatible with any wood, aluminium, plastic or steel trays

• Are robust, resilient and non-deformable

• Are made in Italy, complying with CE regulations.

Storci aluminum trays are highly versatile and have been designed to be completely compatible with our dry pasta lines; they are the result of researches carried out with our customers, making our own their requests and suggestions. Available models for lasagna and standard short pasta: height 30mm and 55mm.


Technical specifications:

• Rounded end corners to prevent blockag es when sliding

• The lower profile is shaped so as to facilitate positioning during the automatic stacking phase

• The metal parts inside the tray and in contact with the product have a reduced support surface

• The tray has no openings or holes closed with plastic caps, to avoid harmful residues or loss of moving parts

• Minimal friction of aluminum parts thanks to a special contact element.

We offer tailor-made solutions.