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A partnership that allows Storci to accompany customers all the way long until product creation. We interview Carlo Cotti, managing director of Food4Life, who has been a consultant in the dehydrated products sector for more than 30 years.


Carlo Cotti, CEO


1)  Your long experience in the dehydrated food sector has allowed the re-qualification of these ingredients that were considered as the same as junk food for a very long time. What has changed?

Modern production technologies have certainly enabled specialised manufacturers to develop dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients of the highest quality in terms of both salubrity and organoleptic characteristics. This enormous improvement has enabled us to design and produce a series of new and innovative products whose characteristics are clean label, great palatability, respect for nutritional content and ease of use. By using high quality raw materials, we have succeeded in turning poor and unhealthy products into innovative and, at the same time, healthy food.



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2)  We are what we eat: that is your philosophy. There is a whole world in one short statement! What do we need to make it our own? What is your piece of advice to give a positive meaning to such a statement?

“We are what we eat” is what the German philosopher Feuerbache claimed in the mid-1800s, and in the light of the most recent and validated studies he was right: health is built on what we eat. First of all, we must clarify the difference between food and nutrition to better understand this concept. Food is what gives us energy whereas nutrition is a more complex process because it is not simply the act of eating, but all the biological processes that allow food to be broken down, nutrients assimilated and used to ensure the survival and activity of the body. The foods we choose in our daily diets can change us from within and positively affect the quality and duration of our life.



3)  What are the new emerging “flavours”? What are food companies asking you these days? How has the culture of taste changed?

Globalisation has unquestionably influenced the needs of modern consumers. While until a few years ago, taste requirements were always linked to the tradition of one’s own country and led the consumer to dislike novelties and faraway countries tastes, today the global market and a higher curiosity have led us to desire products with “peculiar” flavours. Especially in the field of “ready to eat” or “easy to eat” products, we notice the absolute need of consumers to try new savours and flavours. This is not the case in foreign markets where the made in Italy/Italian style is still extremely popular. Therefore, Food4Life and its Research & Development team offer advice and a range of products with a taste linked to our traditions as well as products with ethnic flavours, but always respecting health and innovation.


4)  Where does the collaboration with Storci come from and in which of the various sectors has your activity been included?

The collaboration with Storci comes from “Instant Pasta“. An extraordinary product which perfectly combines health, tradition and speed of preparation. In fact, it is not a “quick cooking” pasta but a pasta that can be rehydrated by simply adding hot water. Unlike classic Chinese or Oriental noodles made of flour, starch and salt, Pasta Instant is made using the finest semolina and goes very well with appetizing and healthy ‘clean label’ seasonings. To stand fast in our innovative nature, linked to modern market trends, we have recently created, together with Storci, an Instant Pasta with high protein content (48%) and high fibre content (11%). We are certain that we will be able to go on together along our innovative path.