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martedì 25 luglio 2017

Arte & Pasta picks out Storci

Read the interview to Salvatore Ferraro

Interview to Salvatore Ferraro, President of Arte & pasta, well known Company in Boscoreale,  very close to those towns that have always been famous for pasta production, Torre Annunziata and Gragnano...

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domenica 25 giugno 2017

Storci and Pastai Gragnanesi: Together for guaranteed success

A winning combination

In search of a partner capable of guaranteeing high quality - a primary goal for a pasta manufacturer like Pastai Gragnanesi that has been producing the typical superior quality artisanal pasta of Gragnano since 1980 – its meeting with Storci was decisive.
“It was just the introduction of the new Storci lines that enabled us to achieve the renewal and development of our production”, says Giovanni D’Avino, Chairman of Pastai Gragnanesi. “They worked side by side with us to understand our production needs, and the result was outstanding. We consider Storci a very reliable partner”.
And that’s not all: “With them we are able to maintain the tradition and quality of the master pasta makers.”
A winning team, another success for Storci.
For more information about our partner: www.pastaigragnanesi.it

domenica 11 giugno 2017

Pastificio Al Mattarello and Pasta Ligorio: experience and a passion for pasta

A winning combination

Under the brand names “Al Mattarello” and “Pasta Ligorio” the Ligorio family have been dedicated to the production of top quality fresh pasta for over thirty years now. Together with the opening of their new headquarters, a fruitful partnership was set up with Storci which responded with the utmost commitment, proposing superlative systems with cutting edge technologies.
“Being accompanied on our growth path by a serious, reliable company that is always ready to join forces means working with more peace of mind”, says Pietro Ligorio, the owner, who has always been involved with the company in developing new products and new markets. “Storci and those who represent it have always been committed to accompanying the customer step by step, through a meticulously planned design phase, to the choice of the most appropriate solution and the launching of the same with the maximum guarantee of successful results”.  Innovation and the special selection of traditionally milled semolina flours from Apulia have led to the development of the latest novelty, the Mmaritate Normanne, and to the rediscovery of the genuine flavour of Pasta "just like Grandma used to make", with that unique and unmistakable taste.
Read more: www.pastaligorio.it

giovedì 8 giugno 2017

When dreams come true…

... From farmer to pasta producer

Pasta Mancini is produced in a pasta factory in the middle of the Mancini farm’s wheat fields in Monte San Pietrangeli, in the Italian region of Marche.

Massimo Mancini’s pasta is so pleasant that it has been praised by many important chefs that are using it in their restaurants all over the world.

During his transition from farmer to pasta producer Mr. Mancini has worked side by side with Storci. His pasta is made with Omnia...

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mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

Rustichella d’Abruzzo and Storci, a 14-year “marriage”

An excellent partner!

The collaboration between Storci and Rustichella d’Abruzzo is important and long-standing, so long that Gianluigi Peduzzi, CEO of the latter company, talks about it like a marriage.
As he says: “the high quality and high technology of the installation have enabled us to offer products of excellence, try new shapes and, above all, to make a wide and varied catalogue of products all with one system. Certainly it is a partnership that will continue, thanks also to the lines of short and long pasta acquired recently and that are processed at full capacity, ensuring a highly satisfactory rate of production”.
Referring to the support furnished by Storci from the technological standpoint, he adds: “We can’t forget the technological support of the Storci production lines – continues Gianluigi Peduzzi – Storci collaborated fully with us for the development of the kind quality product we wanted to make … and now we are able to offer our clientele pasta that is truly artisanal, using modern technologies, above all as regards quality control and supervision of the drying processes during production”.
A winning combination that satisfies both partners.
For more information about our partner: http://rustichella.it


download the pdf attached to this news to see the article that talks about Rustichella ( Pasta & Pastai magazine).


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martedì 6 giugno 2017

Storci and Pastificio Toscano

Emilia Romagna and Tuscany together for excellence

Overlooked by Pienza, known by many as "the ideal city", and surrounded by fairytale countryside where the landscape is a work of art in itself, lies the Val D'Orcia, a magical place where time stands still; the ultimate picture of charm and tradition. Right here in the heart of ancient Tuscany, the Panarese family grows exceptionally high quality durum wheat which they then use to make artisanal pasta in their very own pasta making plant.
The Pastificio Toscano brings together the finest aspects of Tuscan culture and tradition. From the superior quality grain typical regional pasta is made using bronze dies and slow drying techniques; pasta such as Pici and Pappardelle which can turn any meal into a feast when served with meat sauces or ricotta and cheeses all produced in this little corner of paradise.
Storci has made its own contribution in satisfying production needs, with a Semi-automatic line for the production of short-cut dry pasta and nested pasta. Together with the Panarese family, Storci is proud of its role in preserving the art of fine pasta making.
For more info about Panarese and Pastificio Toscano: www.pastapanarese.it/


sabato 3 giugno 2017

Storci and Benamor

Technology serving excellence

Our Company can number among its more prominent clients “Le Groupe Benamor”, a well-known Algerian Company whose business interests range from mills to tourist and real estate promotion, and to canning industry as well.
Benamor carries out all these activities without forgetting its origins amd traditions, which represent the cornerstone of its production...

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giovedì 2 marzo 2017

Storci and Antoniou Bros.

Together for an excellent pasta

We recommend an interesting interview to Jean and Babis Antoniou, owners of Antoniou Bros Group that, since 1895, has been producing high quality pasta combining the latest mechanical technologies with secret recipes to supply both the Egyptian and international markets with excellent products.Connected by a long-term friendship, Jean Antoniou and Anzio Storci  turned this emotional bond into a business relationship, when Antoniou purchased six lines for the production of long-cut, short-cut and nested pasta.


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mercoledì 1 marzo 2017

Storci & Pastificio Il Mulino di Gragnano

Working together for a d.o.c. pasta

Storci and “Mulino di Gragnano” pasta factory, have created  a winning duo bringing together the latest technology and traditional craftsmanship to the production of pasta. It is the high quality product you are looking for.

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domenica 17 luglio 2016

SARL MIS Moulins Industriels du Sebaou

A Made in Storci turnkey solution

The dimension of pasta as a global food is demonstrated not only by its diffusion worldwide, but also by the many typical specialties of every single geographical area.

In North  Africa without a doubt couscous is the main product,  accompanied in recent years by a huge increase in the consumption of dry pasta.

The history of SARL MIS (Moulins Industriels du Sebaou) is that of a mill which...

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martedì 13 maggio 2014

Our couscous lines win over Blé d'Or

So in the Maghreb semolina becomes golden yellow

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, we are able to satisfy each and every customer’s specific requirements.
For some time now, we have been concentrating all our expertise, experience and efforts on the creation of couscous lines capable of obtaining the best.
We are well aware that this dish so rich in history, which has by this stage spread throughout the world, requires a process capable of creating grains of a uniform size but at the same time soft and firm; we also know that it should not taste like pasta and its granules should look rough.
We are doing our utmost to achieve these characteristics; our commitment and perseverance in the performance of our work have been generously rewarded: this is attested to by our satisfied customers, among whom a famous name stands out: Blé d’Or.
The famous Algerian brand recently had this to say about Storci: “Why choose STORCI couscous lines? Storci is not simply a supplier of couscous lines, but a player with a major role in the preservation of this noble tradition. This PARTNERSHIP enables us to strive for improvement together, as we set out eagerly on the couscous trail".
This serves as a demonstration that for us the customer always has pride of place. Here is another one to add to our long list of successes.

mercoledì 26 giugno 2013

Pasta Mancini featured in ‘Chef Italiani nel Mondo’

Pasta Mancini always at the fore with its excellent products.

This time, the renowned company from Monte San Pietrangeli was the subject of an interesting article in ‘Chef Italiani nel Mondo’ which told the story of the Mancini family and their wonderful pasta factory immersed in a wheat field.

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giovedì 11 aprile 2013

Pastificio Fabbri “rides the wave” with Luna Rossa

Pastificio Fabbri, on the strength of over a hundred years of tradition and production, has hit the bull’s eye: it is going to be producing pasta for the LUNA ROSSA Challenge 2013 Team.

After the SPEEDMASTER Team, and its success in the 2012 World Motorcycle Racing Championships with its young emerging Italian riders, the super famous sailing team also vouches for FABBRI pasta.

It is a product prepared with high quality semolina, obtained from selected grains; it is extruded through bronze dies and dried with the greatest of simplicity, at low temperatures.

It is, therefore, a top quality product and we are proud to have contributed, with our machinery, to the success of this leading company.

For further information, go to: http://www.pastafabbri.it/