Anzio Storci, story of a remarkable man
Our President’s biography presentation is coming soon

A bike, a comic, a chance meeting that will be very important for young Anzio Storci…this and many more episodes have been gathered in a biography that is currently being edited...

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Storcicom XII is on line!
Focus on our Customers

Storcicom no. XII is online: in addition to a new, eye-catching look, you will find interesting news about our Company and our machinery as well as  our Customers! Pastificio Gentile, Pasta di Canossa and Yasamsal Organik: different stories joined by the same passion: the pasta!


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Fava & Storci: The story of a winning combination

The partnership was made possible by the strong relationship of professional esteem that was created with Eng. Enrico Fava in our early years. At that time, we were both working on a project for a large Barilla factory.
Our mutual respect and understanding developed over the years to come...

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My work? A 67-year-long passion
Our President interviewed by Gazzetta di Parma

Read the interview to our President Anzio Storci published by "Gazzetta di Parma": the beginning, the success in the pasta machinery sector, the humility and love for his work which are his distinguishing features.
"Anzio Storci, President of the Parmesan Company of the same name - world leader in the sector of pasta production machinery - is a businessman from the old school, who pays attention to the essentials.."
Read it all, download the pdf!

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Storci & Liodry Foods: unity is strength
Working together to create the utmost quality in the instant pasta project

Storci and Liodry Foods have combined forces to create a winning partnership that will allow you to achieve the best possible production of instant pasta lines.
Professionalism, competence, expertise, consultancy… everything you’re looking for, if what you seek is a product of the highest quality.

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Couscousline Storci

Couscous is the main food in North African diets. It is a product associated with an almost infinite number of recipes, and that is why it is bought and used by everyone. Its consumption has now reached Central Africa, and it is also spreading to Western countries, also as a result of socio-demographic changes brought about by migration...

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WD presses: 100% washable
Our USDA-washdown presses are a guarantee

When aiming to export to the USA, machinery must observe the very strict FDA and USDA standards: washdown is the right word.
Here at Storci we give this aspect a great deal of thought; systems are conceived in such a way as to allow for regular and constant manual cleaning...



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Pasta di Canossa picks out Storci
Read the interview to Ottavio di Canossa

Ottavio di Canossa tells us how come the Pasta Factory, which produces Pasta di Canossa, was born; the choice of Storci as a partner for supplying machinery but not only this…..the creation inside the Factory of a real Training Centre, along with a series of appropriate services for those who are interested in producing high quality pasta…read more!

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Storci: offering our clients energy savings in the name of ethics and sustainability

Storci has for some time now been installing the Beltmix: this is the most interesting innovation of the last few years in terms of dough preparation technology. The Beltmix replaces the traditional shaft and blade mixing tank thanks to its pairing with the Premix® pre-mixing unit and a patented slow-moving accumulation conveyor for the dough rest period. This mixing system...

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The Pasta Museum sponsored by Storci
Art & Technology go hand in hand

We are supporting the Pasta Museum , which was inaugurated in May 2014 in Giarola (Collecchio) and consequently included in the network of Food Museums.
Storci has always believed in this project and has actively and enthusiastically contributed restoring part of the machinery...

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On everyone’s lips - Food blogger event in Storci
A day to remember

In October we welcomed 11 food bloggers and lifestyle experts into Storci for a day of  full immersion into our company business.
A really packed day which kicked off with our rendezvous at Parma railway station followed by transfer to Storci and a welcome aperitif and  speech from our President, Anzio Storci and Michele Storci. After a quick visit around the company, we moved on to the key moment of the event: a tasting session for two products made with our machinery: instant pasta and gluten-free tortellini...


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Storcicom X is on line!
Special feature on Instant Pasta

The latest issue of our magazine is now available where this year you can read all about Storci's latest innovation in the feature on instant pasta.
Instant pasta is a healthy and tasty product which is ready in an instant!
Simply add boiling water and eat it wherever you want: at school, at work, when camping.... read all about it!
More info on: http://www.instantpasta.info/
Download the pdf file from this page

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Top-of-the-line gluten-free tortellini thanks to the Storci shaping unit made by Cavallini

In today’s world, gluten-free is becoming an increasingly-important trend—no longer the niche product of several years ago.

Storci is aware of the importance of offering a gluten-free product that is not only good, but created using a limited number of quality ingredients.

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Storcicom no.9 is now on line!
Find out all the latest news!

The latest edition of our magazine is now available and this year we have some great news for you:  our instant pasta lines! And there’s more: two important testimonials talk about us, find out who is behind them... and if that’s not enough, do you want  “A chat with...”? See who features in this issue’s column! 
More info about instant pasta: http://www.instantpasta.info/
Download the pdf file from this page

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Storci: analysis of a successful year
An interview with Michele Storci

2014 was important for us.  A year full of innovations and confirmations, which saw Storci as a main actor in an ever-expanding market. As usual, side by side with our partner of Fava. We are working with them on many important projects, like the one on gluten free pasta...

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Storci included in “La carica delle 101”
For sale online from Il Sole 24 Ore

Storci is mentioned in “La carica delle 101”, the e-book by journalist Adriano Moraglio, for sale online from Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian daily business newspaper.

The e-book covers 101+ companies which, despite the current crisis...

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Anzio Storci wins the “Parma Nostra” Sant’Ilario Award

The winner of the twentieth edition of the Parma Nostra Sant’Ilario Award is our President Anzio Storci, who was presented with the coveted prize during an event held in Storci on 18 January and attended by the Mayor of Collecchio and the Chairman of the Young Industrialists’ Association.

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Storcicom VIII is fresh off the press!

Lots of news in this issue: we start with “turnkey”, Anzio Storci presents an important service offered to pasta-makers;  two exceptional testimonials: Pastificio Fabbri and Sarl Moulin Bouguerra, two very different companies, a single mutual referral: us!

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We’re on TV Parma...
Look why!

Together with Barilla we have been awarded significant regional funding in recognition of our commitment to research and development, a sector which for us has always been of prime importance; in fact technology, development and innovation are the cornerstones of our philosophy and company culture.

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The University of Parma: great collaboration with our laboratory

The Storci  Research and Development Laboratory boasts an important collaboration with the food science and technology and mechanical engineering Courses of the University of Parma.
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Storcicom VII is fresh off the press!
Don't miss it!

Our news bulletin is in its 7th edition.
Read what’s new at Storci this year:  learn about Storci’s commitment to energy savings: the results achieved with the Beltmix lines installed: "180 Beltmix systems, 73,000,000 kw/h saved, equivalent to 44,000 barrels of oil saved..." Storci is attentive to sustainable development, ethics and savings...it’s all in this issue!

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