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domenica 25 giugno 2017

Storci and Pastai Gragnanesi: Together for guaranteed success

A winning combination

In search of a partner capable of guaranteeing high quality - a primary goal for a pasta manufacturer like Pastai Gragnanesi that has been producing the typical superior quality artisanal pasta of Gragnano since 1980 – its meeting with Storci was decisive.
“It was just the introduction of the new Storci lines that enabled us to achieve the renewal and development of our production”, says Giovanni D’Avino, Chairman of Pastai Gragnanesi. “They worked side by side with us to understand our production needs, and the result was outstanding. We consider Storci a very reliable partner”.
And that’s not all: “With them we are able to maintain the tradition and quality of the master pasta makers.”
A winning team, another success for Storci.
For more information about our partner: www.pastaigragnanesi.it