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Die heads
Re-invented in accordance with modern Storci standards

Die heads image

Key features

  • Oversized in the part designed to accommodate the die (for extra sturdiness).
  • Fitted with an hydraulic die pusher system (more efficient, more robust and greater precision compared to Braibanti’s mechanical system).
  • Air-tight stainless steel thermostatation chambers

The die heads have been re-invented in accordance with modern Storci design, including:

  • Stainless steel loading side, unloading side and central work surfaces;
  • Hydraulic die extraction with control on board the die head and separate control unit;
  • Effective pressure control, both analogue (visual) and electronic (alarm);
  • Quality cast iron deflector caps and closure flange with nickel plated steel handle

The die heads can be supplied with new and modern air-tight thermostatation systems and die lifting winch.

We recondition used die heads/diffuser tubes in our workshop, in particular for Braibanti systems (which we have worked with for over 30 years), offering an excellent assistance and overhaul service thanks to the application of the latest technology.


Die head for long-cut pasta

Die head for short-cut pasta


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