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Vacuum seal rotating valves
Storci design for maximum service life

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Key features

  • Innovative lateral seal system with anti-seizure feature.
  • Greater component efficiency and service life.
  • Option of ordering the impeller only (money saving opportunity).
The vacuum seal rotating valves manufactured by Storci incorporate an innovative lateral packing seal system which we have designed to improve “flour-tightness”, preventing flour from coming into contact with the lubricating grease (anti-seizure function).
In this way optimum component operation and a longer service life are guaranteed.
All Storci vacuum seal rotating valves are available in versions with a two- or three-cup impeller.

Technical characteristics:

  • Quality mechanical cast iron stator.
  • Complete with bearings and sealing rings.
  • Cast iron bearing supports.
  • Carbon steel impeller treated with hardened chemical nickel plating.
  • Lateral packing seal system.
  • Hardened steel scraper blades

We recondition used vacuum seal rotating valves in our workshop including:

  • boring of the cast iron stator;
  • impeller grinding and scraper blade replacement;
  • replacement of bearings and sealing rings;
  • repainting in the original colour;
  • correct operation testing.

We guarantee an assistance and reconditioning service for Braibanti vacuum seal rotating valves, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of these components acquired in over 30 years of study.

Vacuum seal rotating valves

Examples of vacuum seal rotating valves


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