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Instant pasta line
The healthy italian alternative to instant noodles

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Key features

  • Versatile lines for many pasta shapes, recipes and packages
  • Easy to clean cooker
  • Products with high profit margins
Production info
Instant Pasta icon Standard Short Pasta (Penne) Special Short Pasta (Paccheri)
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Instant pasta lines: versatile for a top quality product

Always keeping an eye on the new markets and trends in the food and manufacturer sector Storci has created, thanks to the incessant Research & Development activities in its Laboratory, its new instant pasta lines, for ready meals which offer a great alternative to Asian instant noodles.

In today’s society, more and more people lead a frenetic and busy life and need ready meals which are easy to store, easy to eat and quick to make. Storci has understood this need and its systems allow you to make a strong entrance into these new markets, offering not only competitiveness but also quality and attention to detail and to processing.

Two types of packaging to meet all needs: the pasta-cup, a versatile option for eating the product away from home, and the packet (or sachet) for a cheaper product with the same quality (which needs to be poured into a container) for home use. The products are dehydrated, are stored at room temperature and have a long shelf-life: anyone can stock up on them for use at any time.

For more info: www.instantpasta.info

Instant pasta corner Storci at Ipack Ima trade Fair 2015
Instant pasta corner at Ipack Ima trade Fair 2015

dry instant pasta
Dry instant pasta

We offer two solutions:

  • a system for the production of instant, dehydrated pasta ready for mixing with other ingredients
  • “turnkey” solutions which offer a complete service for the entire production process, right up to the time of packaging the instant pasta with various condiments. By complete service we mean providing a complete team of experts who follow the project, selecting the systems and technologies which guarantee the result requested by the Customer.

The instant pasta lines, which are completely customizable and versatile, are made up of: pasta production plant; precooking system and dehydration cells.
On the other hand, if you already have a pasta plant, after suitable assessment, it can be converted into an instant pasta production plant, making it possible for you to widen your markets while still keeping your dry pasta production.
Keep up with the times, and make the most of the opportunities which these systems can offer! Choose the best instant pasta production line suppliers!

In cooperation with:

Liodry Foods Logo

Storci and Liodry Foods have combined forces to create a winning partnership in the production of instant pasta, healthy alternative to the noodles.

Liodry Foods has provided all its knowhow and professionalism, with its output that ranges from flavourings to dressings, dry sauces, flavour preparations and so many other products. Storci, for its part, has provided all its expertise in the area of pasta production plants, creating its own instant pasta lines that are versatile, modern and customisable, thanks to its "turnkey solutions”.

Instant pasta production table



80/90 packs/minute 150 packs/minute

Note: this refers to 50 g of pasta – 15 g of sauce

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