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Research and development laboratory:
The hub of our operations, designing the future


From the development to the production of large presses for the dry pasta sector, to the massive research and development campaign in the pasta, couscous and ready meals technology sector:   Storci S.p.A. is concentrating its efforts more and more on innovative projects.

An R&D laboratory has been set up in the new premises, complete with equipment, machinery, technologies and state of the art analysis instruments. Thanks to the assiduous work of highly qualified personnel, our laboratory has been officially recognized as a Highly-Qualified Laboratory for Industrial Research by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca – MIUR).



The lab is the hub of our operations, and in it we carry out two main activities: the first is totally dedicated to our customers, who can use the lab for their needs, with the full cooperation of our experts. We can produce and run tests on dry, fresh and filled pasta, ready meals, gnocchi and dough for baked products.

Our customers have the opportunity of directly testing how new technologies work and checking part of our product line; our main objective is continual improvement, and this also applies to pre-existing systems.

The other activity is to provide back-up to our technical and sales staff: the applications concern a range of machinery and systems which range from the production of pasta, to dosing and mixing units and pasteurization systems with management and on-line quality control units. Also the sampling of products predominantly destined for customers are part of the complete offer.

Among the latest of our innovations is the production of pasta for celiacs and ready meals, a market in rapid expansion throughout the world.



To further increase the prestige of our laboratory, we work closely with experts from the pasta sector and cooperate rewardingly with the University of Parma, Degree Courses in Food Science and Technology and Mechanical Engineering.



The laboratory also has a well-resourced room complete with remote conferencing systems and all the equipment required for training courses.

Training is organized internally with the fundamental contribution of Storci experts and with the aid of external training bodies and consultants.


Quality certification


As of January 2006, Storci has been implementing a Corporate Quality System in compliance with  UNI EN ISO 9001:08 standards.  The objective, relevant to the certification obtained, is to continue to improve the company’s products and services for all of its clientele.



We have extremely important avant-garde technologies such as the Premix®, Beltmix, the STF TV and VSF TV total vacuum presses and dough sheeters and last but not least, the Bakmix. We use a wide variety of analysis instruments for gluten, texture, colour and mobility in water, which facilitate us considerably in our research and in the pursuit of innovation.

A good many reasons for considering us a reliable, cutting-edge partner.

Some of the machinery available at our R&D Laboratory:

Pasta making machinery

  • Dual screw mixing units
  • Belt mixing unit mod. “Easy Beltmix 600”
  • Mixing unit Trolley Premix 600 with PLC
  • Mixing unit Trolley Premix mini
  • Press mod .V-55 N
  • Press mod. V-70 N
  • Press mod. V70.1.220TV
  • Single- and double-sheet ravioli units, various models
  • Dough sheeter mod. “STF-540, VSF-250 total vacuum” and “STF-540 total vacuum”
  • Gnocchi maker “VG-8F”
  • Mixing units mod. “Beltmix 600, Bakmix 1000, Premix for 1000 to 4000 kg/h”
  • Gelatinization and mixing unit for “gluten free” pasta
  • Fresh pasta scrap recovery unit

Heat treatment unit

  • Drying cell mod “lab-dryer”
  • Saturated or superheated steam pasteurizer with new HT-ST technology
  • Refrigerator Arc 8110/ix
  • Cooler and freezer

Auxiliary units

  • Rotho peristaltic system psf3
  • Moulds for ravioli unit VR 120
  • Electric steam superheater SVA10
  • Cell drying management PLC (simulation of production cycles)
  • Dies for the various pasta shapes
  • Medium-sized conical rounder for baked products
  • Stainless steel tray-carrying trolley
  • MAP packaging machine
  • Fan-assisted oven
  • Electric oven for industrial products
  • Steam generation and distribution system
  • Air-cooled condensing chiller TAEVO M10

Analysis instruments

  • Bilancia elettronica da banco 
  • Electronic counter scales
  • Densimeter
  • MIWE oven
  • Datatrace micropack 3 system
  • Halogen moisture analyser
  • Anemometer with probe
  • Kit composed of 5 sieves for grain size testing
  • Kit of stainless steel sieves for grain size testing containing 3 sieves
  • Kit of sieves for sampling tests containing 6 trays Ø 200 and 6 rings
  • Portable moisture meter OGA electric “TA-5”
  • Speed meter
  • Multifunctional probe instrument for temp/moisture/speed/immers/anemometer
  • Complete big-bag holding structure
  • Double wheeled tank (with pump RS/12)
  • Steel table with std raised edge
  • Central table with top 70x200 VIP with wheels
  • Die Ø 200x180 fixed dough sheet length 330mm thickness 2.5
  • Die Ø 220 fusilli pasta shape without Teflon
  • Flexible mechanical conveyor TS-50 with hopper for flour feeding.