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lunedì 23 giugno 2014


Storci couscous lines continue to be highly successful in countries in the Maghreb region.
Word of mouth between customers in this area confirms that for them, our lines are a guarantee of a couscous processing and production system which never fails to reflect the excellence of tradition.
Why? To mention just a few reasons: our machinery is built using top-quality, sturdy materials. A great deal of attention is given to recovering and recycling product leftovers and the couscous is always cooked to perfection with guaranteed uniformity.
On top of this we have our Premix® premixing unit which always guarantees excellent results, not to mention the self-cleaning rotating sieve and the controlled size of the grains which must be soft and firm at the same time, with no need for further final grinding.
Savings: construction in robust monoblocks means considerable savings in assembly and installation costs.
Storci lines production capacity ranges from 300 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h (built in collaboration with our partner, Fava S.p.A.).