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mercoledì 26 giugno 2013



Pasta Mancini always at the fore with its excellent products.

This time, the renowned company from Monte San Pietrangeli was the subject of an interesting article in ‘Chef Italiani nel Mondo’ which told the story of the Mancini family and their wonderful pasta factory immersed in a wheat field.

The article says that The Mancini family relied fully on Storci who, by putting together a real alchemy of things managed to meet their every need. Which in truth didn’t seem many but maybe they weren’t that easy to meet either. In fact the request was this: to be able to make an old-style tasting pasta using modern machinery”.

And furthermore:

“It took a series of modifications, but in the end the results met the highest expectations. Not only are the machinery and equipment adopted the ones  needed to achieve the best result, but also the manufacturing process is set out in such a way as to avoid any possible kind of disappointment: long processing times, a special system for the production of long pasta, circular bronze dies, the temperature of the drying environments and the temperature of the water used. These were the pasta factory’s main specifications”.

We are extremely proud to have been able to contribute to the success of this important client by supplying them with our Omnia line. Our technology and our ideas are always at the service of those who, as in this case, strive to reach excellence.