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mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Usually it means recovering fresh product at the start and end of the production line, such as: dough from press start-up operations, sheets from bow-tie or nesting machine start-up, scraps from spaghetti production and feed chamber residues (even measuring 600 mm) resulting from format changeover operations.  
With the complete "REC" range, Storci has developed pasta recovery systems which make it possible to obtain scraps small enough to be easily rehydrated and re-kneaded.  With the high level of pasta recovery and the abatement of waste disposal expenditure, the system pays for itself very quickly, while at the same time guaranteeing optimum scrap management (graph inclosed). The feedback we have had from customers has been 100% positive.
The range is made up of ten models which can be divided into three main types:

  • EASY REC e REC 500
  • REC 1001
  • REC 1002

One of the strong points of the REC models is the fact that the quantity of scraps made available for being re-kneaded remains constant thus making it possible to obtain products which always maintain the same characteristics, unlike other systems which have a product outfeed which may fluctuate over time causing obvious problems for the end product (in particular white spots and poor cooking quality).
Our experience in the pasta sector means we can guarantee the equipment is sturdy, carefully built and almost self-cleaning. The ground product which is sent to the kneading machine has a uniform and controlled granule size which is similar to the pre-kneading size in outfeed from the Premix®.
More:  http://www.storci.com/src_Prodotti.asp?search=1&lang=EN&categoria=Recupero+sfridi and http://www.storci.com/pdf/news/storcicom/eng/storcicom7ENG.pdf (page 3).