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sabato 3 giugno 2017

Storci & benamor

Groupe Benamor

Storci - Benamor: a winning combination

couscous Benamor Our Company can number among its more prominent clients “Le Groupe Benamor”, a well-known Algerian Company whose business interests range from mills to tourist and real estate promotion, and to canning industry as well.
Benamor carries out all these activities without forgetting its origins and traditions, which represent the cornerstone of its production.
This can be clearly deduced from the words of its founder,  who says: “Never losing sight of our origins is our strenght. This bond and our pragmatism let us keep pace with the reality of everyday life.  Closeness, respect and trust are our values that we cultivate towards our clients, suppliers and co-workers.
The brand name Amor Benamor sells pasta and cous cous, which are highly appreciated  throughout Algerie and not only there.
Storci had the honour to supply Benamor Group with a special format pasta production line. We are proud of contributing at least partly to make more special the Benamor pasta that is, in and of itself, an excellent one.
We searched for the best formula to combine tradition and innovation, paying great attention to details and providing Benamor with a highly customized line whereas  large capacity of cous cous production lines were supplied by our Partner Fava Spa.


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