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mercoledì 24 giugno 2015


top of the line gluten-free tortellini thanks to the storci shaping unit made by cavallini

Tortellini gluten free Storci

In today’s world, gluten-free is becoming an increasingly-important trend—no longer the niche product of several years ago.

Storci is aware of the importance of offering a gluten-free product that is not only good, but created using a limited number of quality ingredients.

True to this principle, together with the Cavallini company, Storci has decided to invest in Italy’s best-known filled pasta shape: tortellini.

Despite the fact that this shape is especially difficult to produce using gluten-free pasta sheets, tortellini are now something everyone can enjoy thanks to Storci’s commitment to developing this product.

Selected exclusively for “gluten-free tortellini”, the shaping units are a powerhouse of innovation for shapes ranging from 2 to 50 grams.

THE STORCI NO GLUT SYSTEM has as its objective the development of new equipment prototypes for gluten-free pasta (dried, fresh and filled) for all those looking to enter into this new production process.



Storci shaping unit made by Cavallini  Tortellino gluten free Storci   Detail Storci shaping unit made by Cavallini