Pasta Mancini
Massimo Mancini

Pasta Mancini is produced in a pasta factory in the middle of the Mancini farm’s wheat fields in Monte San Pietrangeli, in the Italian region of Marche.

Massimo Mancini’s pasta is something so pleasant that it has been praised by many important chefs that are using it in their restaurants all over the world.

During his transition from farmer to pasta producer Mr. Mancini has worked side by side with Storci. His pasta is made with Omnia. The only line able to produce long-cut, short- cut and special pasta all in one machine. With its flexibility, the automation on the Omnia line can be customized and it has an excellent price/performance ratio.

When asked about the reason for choosing Storci, Massimo Mancini answers: “Because they’re the best! I did a lot of research and compared many products made with different lines and the best always came from Storci lines and machines. Moreover, they are extremely reliable and this enables me to work with tranquility”.

With the advantage of its mechanical reliability, deriving directly from the technology for large lines, Omnia offers additional benefits in the way it is structured, leading to remarkable production results. And for a client like Pasta Mancini all this means pasta of the highest quality, produced exclusively from the seed of wheat, cultivated in their fields. In short Pasta Mancini and Storci share the same philosophy: to restore meaning to the term quality, depleted by the abuse that the food industry has made in recent years.

Massimo Mancini had a dream: to make his wheat into the best possible pasta.  He has revived an old tradition of pasta manufacturers growing their own wheat, and making possible a more gratifying economical reward for their efforts in the fields. A choice that many other realities are following or planning around the world. And they will always find - like Massimo Mancini - Storci as the reliable partner to make their dreams come true.